Anaconda's flow

I took some time today to translate some of last week’s Anaconda whiteboards to cleaned up flow charts of the screens involved. I used Inkscape and Jesse James Garrett’s visual vocabulary templates to make these.

Full screen flow diagram

(click to download PDF) Anaconda full-flow 26sep2011

Storage screen flow diagram

(click to download PDF)

Anaconda storage-flow 26sep2011

Whiteboards from late Friday

I also uploaded some whiteboards from late last Friday:

Software Selection



Did we miss anything? Did I miss anything in transcription? Overall, what do you think?


  1. Hey, thank you for sharing. It is really interesting.
    Btw, what is this gorgeous font you used in your diagram ?

    1. mairin says:

      Actually, I thought it was a floss font and it isn’t. So I’m going to change it. But, it is one of the blambot fonts… letteromatic. Thanks for making me look into it because I need to change it 🙂

      1. mairin says:

        I’ve updated the fonts now to some OFL fonts:
        – ‘Sigmar One’ for ‘ANACONDA’ and ‘GAME OVER’
        – ‘Walter Turncoat’ for the screen labels
        – ‘Waiting for the Sunrise’ for decision labels

  2. Will Woods says:

    So I think there’s other ways to get to the “Game Over” screen – e.g. in the storage section, if you don’t have enough space to install. You might want to bail out and fix some stuff at that point – move files around, delete partitions, install a hard drive, whatever.
    Now that I think about it, the “WELCOME MAC USER!” screen is basically just a special case of the “You need to make some room!” screen, since we can’t resize HFS+..

    1. Stephen Smoogen says:

      Yeah.. there are a ton of ways that you can run into rattlesnakes. The reason to lay them out now is that they usually get remembered after some poor schmuck runs into during a review.
      I say this because during a rework of the flow for the installer in RHL 5.x forgot that and we ended up with 30 different death screens and a couple of “You can’t have gotten here so please go back” type messages.

  3. Frank8101 says:

    You should use visio this would help you better scale.

    1. mairin says:

      What do you mean, ‘better scale’?
      I use free software and I don’t think VIsio qualifies (nor does it run on Linux)!

  4. Interesting that we’re back to hubs; that’s how Mandriva’s installer always worked when I was around…
    also good that we’re subsuming firstboot.
    one thought that comes up is this may make for added complexity in some of the steps. Some of the things in Hub #1 are inter-dependent; what happens if I go into ‘Software Selection’, pick some packages, then go into ‘Install Source’ and change the available repos such that some of the packages I picked aren’t available? Do they get silently de-selected? Do I get a warning? Does it all blow up in my face in the best anaconda traditions? 🙂
    ‘Network’ has a similar relationship with ‘Install Source’, and ‘Storage’ with ‘Software Selection’. Even, if we’re going to get clever, ‘Network’ and ‘Keyboard’ with ‘Software Selection’; your choice of networking config and input method can affect the package loadout.
    I don’t think I’m drunk enough to understand the storage screen flow yet.

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