Cool open hardware for Fedora contributors

We’ve got OLPCs. Raspberry Pis. And Arduinos with your choice of shields. If you’re a Fedora contributor and have a hankering to hack around with one of these open hardware devices, you’ve got a shot at getting one – free shipping – until August 15.

There’s a few requirements for eligibility:

  • You’ve got to be a Fedora contributor from before this sweepstakes started on July 25th. We want to reward existing Fedora contributors!
  • You need to have signed the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement and also be a member of an additional account group, such as the design-team or ambassadors groups. Again, we want to reward existing Fedora contributors.
  • You’ve got to be at least the age of majority (basically, a legal adult) for your region, and your region needs to be on the list of participating countries/regions. This is because around the world, different states, regions, and countries have different laws regarding sweepstakes that in some cases prevent us from being able to offer this sweepstakes in that region.

So, yeah. We basically want to make sure that you’re a Fedora contributor and that we’re following the law in offering this cool stuff to you. Spot has a detailed FAQ with more answers to questions you might have about this sweepstakes, but we’re basically just trying to offer something cool and exciting for you all as we can. We know that some fantastic Fedora contributors are going to be excluded from this sweepstakes because of the legalities involved in running a sweepstakes, so please check out Spot’s blog post for more information on how you can help us expand future programs to your region, and how we can help make this up to you.
By the way, the web app Luke and I wrote to run this contest is, of course, open source and you can grab the source via our git repository. All of the design work that went into it is also open source and you can grab it via this checkout of the fedora-ux git repository.
So what are you waiting for?

Apply now!


  1. Jiri Eischmnn says:

    Hi, the list of countries is very limited. Why? Is it because of law restrictions? I thought all EU countries had very similar restrictions and there are still just a few countries from the EU. Too bad the Czech Republic is not included 🙁

    1. mairin says:

      Yes. (But be sure to email spot – email addy in his blog post if you need it – to get Czech Republic on the list of countries for review next time)

  2. Michael says:

    You forgot, you must not be employed by Red Hat to enter the contest ( while I can fully understand it, that make me sad 🙁 )

    1. mairin says:

      Awwww 🙁 Sorrys 🙁 If you send me your snail mail, I’ll send you some Fedora stickers? duffy@rh

  3. I Like Arduino..
    I want to learn something about that 😀

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