Anaconda Whiteboards

David Lehman and Will Woods are in the Boston area this week so along with Chris Lumens, Peter Jones, and David Cantrell we’ve all been whiteboarding away, planning and refinement on the upcoming Anaconda UI redesign that is scheduled to land in Fedora 17.
These are just whiteboards; I’m hoping we’ll have a more detailed post after our brains cool off from the gears churning so intensely 🙂 Most of the discussion so far has been about the (opt-in) partitioning screens, and overall flow.

Overall Flow


Bootloader Config and Install Use Cases


What We Can Detect / What We Can Resize


BTRFS partitioning


LVM partitioning



Yeah, these might not make much sense until I get a chance to Inkscape-ify. We do have some mockups out of this too; more later!


  1. Jef Spaleta

    I just had this crazy scary daydream where the normal Anaconda UI was replaced entirely by a depiction of the wiring diagram itself as seen in that whiteboard.
    And you get to watch the install process proceed through animated traces in the wiring diagram. Sort of like how labview virtual instrument wiring diagram animate when debugging.

  2. Malcolm Tredinnick

    Always fun to see this stuff in progress. Thanks for posting.
    Random whiteboard photography tip: set the camera to over-expose by 1 or two stops, and the colors really pop out clearly (the “white” part over-exposes and provides greater contrast).

  3. Ramanan Vijayaraghavan

    Nice to see a legible outcome of a whiteboarding session.
    Just curious, do you always try and translate these into an Inkscape graphic? Its the one problem I always have with whiteboards – they are great as a discussion tool, but hard to translate into a requirements document.

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