Getting ready for Fedora 13 to rock it!


  1. dragonbite says:

    Aren't countdowns "T-minus…"?
    Maybe the last (day 0) should have the rocket already gone and instead of zero have "Lift-Off!"

    1. Yes, there won't be "zero days left" but something like "fedora is launched/is here"

  2. Khudsa says:

    Ummm, it's cool. I like it! Will you use it?

  3. Cool….
    what's the URL people can link to for the countdown timer ?

  4. Leif Gruenwoldt says:

    very cool.
    however "launched in X days" is weird grammar.
    better options might be:
    "launching in X days"
    "T minus X days"

  5. montfras says:

    Wow very nice
    The only thing that is missing is 'LIFTOFF!!'

  6. Seconding, "launched" is not correct.
    In addition to launching or T minus, launches would work I believe.

  7. That is pretty sweet.

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