Inkscape & GIMP talk at LibrePlanet This Friday!

This Friday, from 2:00-3:30 PM at the Harvard Science Center in Cambridge Massachusetts, I’ll be giving a talk on how to use Inkscape and GIMP at LibrePlanet, the Free Software Foundation’s annual free software community conference.
As you can see, it will be an epic battle. Wilbur will bravely take on the evilly-grinning mountain that is Inkscape. Pixels will fly! Node handles will spin! Who will win? Come to find out! (Or read the slides afterwards. I’ll post them here after the talk.)
Here’s some more information about LibrePlanet:


  1. dragonbite

    Is that an inkspot under that mountain, or is he(or she) s#*ting bricks?
    Look forward to the post-conference highlights! Are you going to have a picture of one standing over their fallen foe?

  2. pt

    It would be good if Inkscape could export to Gimp's XCF. It is frustrating having to export from Inkscape layer by layer and then paste and create a new layer for each in Gimp.

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