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So progress is happening on Design Hub! Robby from Isotope 11 continues to work on the prototype, Colin Zwiebel has been working on setting up infrastructure, and I’ve been hacking on the CSS in any spare time I can scrounge up.
(What’s Design Hub? It’s one of the ideas we talked about at the GNOME UX Hackfest in London last month as a way for us designers to collaborate better! Read more about it in my initial blog post about it, at the GNOME Hackfest writeup about it, and at a follow-up mockup post about it.)
I’ve spent the past couple evenings changing the CSS I had started on to use, which Ian Weller had pointed out to me some time ago. I’ve actually been using the Inkscape templates that the project has made available for some time since then (for example, the redesign mockups were made using the Inkscape templates.) I never made the leap to actually use the CSS itself until now, though, and I’m happy to report that it’s a breeze.
Here’s a screenshot of how far I got tonight before deciding to work on this status report on the project; my mailing list post from tonight has a little more info on it:

Now, Colin Zwiebel has been rocking by getting this project hooked up with some infrastructure in addition to the git repo and bug tracking system Robby and Josh have set up. I did move the wiki page to; we’re using a Yahoo! group for the mailing list for now. Here’s all the details, because a lot of folks have expressed interest in the project and I want to make sure everyone’s aware we’re all set up for business now:

So please, drop a note to the mailing list if you’d like to get involved! 🙂


  1. Why all the closed source? Yahoogroups, Github and pivotaltracker have lots of FOSS alternatives.

    1. We're using Yahoo! groups because we tried and had difficulty in getting a mailing list and were discouraged from dong so.
      Using github and pivotaltracker is Robby and Josh's call, and since they are doing a lot of great work for free here I think it's an okay solution for now. They've already expressed willingness to migrate if needed.

      1. OK, thank you.
        Good to know. It's great to make people aware of these issues (for example FOSS is best when it relies on FOSS only)
        Fedora is doing a great job and I really hope that the design hub will be a huge success.

        1. Preaching to the choir brother 🙂 BTW I wasn't aware Github isn't FOSS…. what FOSS alternatives would you recommend?

          1. Rahul Sundaram says:
  2. I second Gitorious! It's AGPL and totally awesome.
    Any way I can sign up to this list without having to create a Yahoo ID? The progress on the project looks awesome, BTW! 🙂

    1. Hey Fab! Yep you don't need a Yahoo! account! Just mail and it'll subscribe any email address. 🙂

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