Leonidas is Delicious

Leonidas Chocolates
Shouts to inode0 who sent some Leonidas chocolate my way! I’ll let you know if it’s as delicious as Fedora 11 will be. 🙂


  1. shivan says:

    This is Madness!

  2. to envy, I want chocolate, I go for a little while to see them

  3. Jan Schmidt says:

    There's a Leonidas here in Dublin … we like to visit it regularly 🙂

  4. 'delicious' made me think of bookmarks. 😛

  5. Cypher says:

    I do not understand why non-Belgian people are so crazy about Leonidas chocolates… We consider Leonidas (and Jeff de Bruges, the brand they use in France) as the worst Belgian chocolate maker ever… You should try Godiva, Neuhaus, or even Pierre Marcolini's chocolates (even if they are very expensive)…

  6. sankarshan says:

    Hmm.. meme play again 😉

  7. of course they are delicious, they are real belgian chocolates! 😀

  8. think that despite being a big chocolate fan i never tasted Leonidas myself… and I believe there is a 1 minute detour in my daily route from home to work to a store…
    i guess my first sighting of Leonidas chocolates happened the wrong way: they seemed a bit too fancy for my taste and a bit too expensive, i am more of a "Lindt with 99%" cocoa type of guy.
    but i eagerly await your review of Leonidas (the chocolate)

  9. Hej. I bought many chocolate pralines and also chocolate bars at Leonidas in Brussels, when I was @ FOSDEM this year. Most of them i brought as presents for friends and family. And YES, it is delicious! Just ate some half an hour ago.

  10. Anonymous says:

    /me tries to resist making a Sparta joke. 🙂

  11. Me also “Lindt with 99%” fan.

  12. @Cypher: we can be crazy only about the chocolate we can actually eat, not all brands are imported everywhere.

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