Let me bling your spin!

As recently brought up on fedora-spins list, I wanna bling your spin. 🙂 I need your help, though. Since time is short (I’m hoping to receive the content I need from spins owners by next Friday, 16 Oct), here’s a reminder with some pretty mockups to hopefully provide some motivation. 🙂

Whoah, back up, what’s this all about?

We’ve come up with a new spins.fedoraproject.org design. This is part of an overall effort commissioned by the Fedora Project Board to improve the Fedora download experience. The initial design includes individual spin details pages. These designs can be modified and evolve to meet spins’ needs – our main goal for the F12 timeframe is to have a nice spins site that looks professional and is easy-to-use rather than what we have today, a flat dump of torrent files, and scattered spins details pages (some which are quite nice already) and wiki pages.

So the general idea is we’ll have a main directory of spins. Each spin will have its own multiple-tabbed page to offer up downloads and other other details you’d like to make available. And it is those details pages for each individual spin that are the topic of concern here!

Content Needed for Each Spin

  • A slogan for your spin to serve as the heading for the home page. The
    sample one I came up for KDE is: “It’s your desktop. Be free.” If you
    need helping coming up with one I’m happy to help.
  • At least a paragraph describing what your spin is used for, who your
    spin is for, what unique features it has – that kind of information.
    This will also go on the home tab.
  • A representative screenshot for your spin.
  • For the downloads tab, if you’d like custom text to describe the spin
    download, let me know. Otherwise I’ll use the defaults in this mockup.
  • For the support tab, I’d like to know what IRC channels or other live
    support options users have for your spin (if any), what mailing lists /
    forums / non-live support options users have for your spin (if any), and
    what documentation would you like to highlight to new users. Here’s an example.
  • Finally, I’d like to create some custom branding for each spin, so the
    different spins pages are distinguishable from one another. You can see
    in this KDE spin mockup, I did a bar above the tabs that has the KDE
    logo. Let me know what kind of graphic you’d like for your spin ASAP and
    I can come up with mockups.
    • Let’s do it! 🙂


  1. Oooo. Once you get through the first round of these and come up with a process that feels good to crank through, do you want a “howto make a spin page” SOP wikipage somewhere? If so, remind me next Friday when I’m over and I can hack one up while you’re learning to package fonts, if we’ve got time. 😉

    1. Sounds like a great idea 🙂

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  3. jreznik says:

    Hi Mairin!
    I like these mockups a lot, is it already online somewhere (testing, prepre version)?
    I’m going to prepare data for KDE page, I hope I can find some spare time to do it asap.

    1. Hey! The websites-team has a draft in version control…
      $ su -c 'yum groupinstall "Web Server"'
      $ su -c 'yum install git gettext python-genshi babel'
      $ git clone git://git.fedorahosted.org/git/fedora-web.git # ~37 MB
      $ cd fedora-web/spins.fedoraproject.org # This is what's done
      so far
      > > $ make
      > > $ make test

      1. jreznik says:

        Two bugs/technical issues – po/LINGUAS contains not existing languages and data/templates/head.html refers to head-main-tagline.html – it should be main-head-tagline.html.
        But it's working now and I think it's a good starting point. It's time to move on and start preparing KDE content 😉

      2. @jreznik those are definitely good points to bring up to the websites team, who are working on the implementation.

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