Another try

(let me know if you want the XCF; I don’t have a good place to upload it right now. The SVG sources for the original gear shapes that Nicu created are available here:


  1. Anonymous says:

    nice! I'd like the xcf!

    1. let me know what your email addy is and Id be happy to send it along 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome…one, teeny tiny nit…
    This is awesome, I'm loving how it's turning out.

    I have a tiny nit, though – the four gears directly to the left of the upper rivet on the large gold band form a loop that wouldn't work – if you tried to turn one, they would stick. Just the sort of thing that would drive me crazy. 🙂
    The artwork itself is great, though. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good work
    Good work! Mixes cold and warm colors very well (blue and yellow/copper/etc.)
    The overall result is warm and classy, very nice.
    For some variation, maybe adding some little gear in a corner to hold the fedora "f" logo in its radius (bah, not a good idea).
    PS: Oh, the xcf would be very welcome!

    1. Re: Good work
      I'd be happy to give you the xcf; let me know what your email address is and I'll send it along.

  4. Kudos. Lovely work.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I'm not sure…
    …this is the right direction for Fedora. Steampunk is just so… 1882, ya know?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mairin, if you want, just send me the xcf and I'll host it for you.

    1. Re: Hosting.
      Or she could ask the infrastructure guys about a quota increase (which may be better in the long term)… the thing is, all those large .xcf files are volatile: sources for work-in-progress elements, they will be deleted at the next clean up of any hosting solution, so any link to them will turn 404 soon.
      I wonder if there would be any benefit in using a version control system (a Trac instance on fedorahosted)? We would escape the space constraint on our personal space, have the history for reference but on the other hand raise the barrier to entry, which is not good (require command line "black magic" from "artsy" people who sometime struggle even with scp).

  7. As I said on list, I like this better than the version with the "weird gear gadget thingy": the really big gears are big enough so they do not draw the attention and you made them partly transparent, faded. For me, this is the best "steampunk" take s far.

    1. now how do we make it more blue 🙁

      1. We have to live with this fact: an image can't be both completely blue *and* steampunk. Time for a choice…
        Maybe this is our chance to try something we talked about for some time: a graphic set for a release where blue is a secondary color?
        It was bad in my drawings, where the only color was gold/yellow but now the amount of blue may be good enough.

      2. i think it looks brilliant the way it is. sufficiently blue to be fedora, IMHO. I love it

  8. XCF
    Would love to get the XCF too. deviantART let you post XCFs, I think?

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