Concept by pjones, inspired by Nicu’s I <3 Fedora t-shirt design.
Suggested lines for the back of the shirt:

  • Do you? –
  • Get some! –
  • Your clever idea here!

P.S. isn’t it amusing how this post is sandwiched between two posts about Google Chrome’s EULA on Heh.”


  1. Anonymous says:

    I would so wear that in blue
    I would definitely wear that in blue. I caught this on Fedora planet, I'm just a random user of Fedora. Is this going to be a real shirt? Cause I'd even pay for it. Especially if it said "Get some!" on the back, though pretty much just because of my maturity level.
    How about:
    You ::windows-logo:: Oppression
    Of course, Red Hat (and Microsoft) legal may not like that.
    –John Hanauer

  2. Overdone – cliche
    The entire thing where marketers insist there is a pressing need to do variations over "pronomen – logo – positive word" is at this state awfully old and boring. Despite the message being sound in this case.
    It's embarassing, it's getting hard to name a company that DOESNT have a marketing-campaign following this pattern.
    "I [sony-logo] music" for mobile phones ? Anyone ?

    1. Re: Overdone – cliche
      I must have managed to miss this entire phenomenon. Citation needed?

      1. They [sony ericsson] FAIL
        sony ericsson have done quite a bit of "pronomen – logo – positive word" using their funny little green ball logo.
        Only vaguely aware of it since I know sony will screw me over with proprietary connectors, non-standard media, or some other horrible abuse and I only use them as a last resort. I'd be amazed if their phones weren't as guilty as every other of their products I've encountered. Suck.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the f word
    This may or may not be a hindrance… but am i the only one who can't stop myself to read this as "I f*** freedom" ?
    Tough love i guess :p
    (sorry, not trying to offend, just to give feedback on how the design can be perceived)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Eight? Hate?
    I Eight Freedom… I Hate Freedom… 😉
    (yes I know that's not an eight)

    1. Anonymous says:

      Re: Eight? Hate?
      I ate freedom? 😉

  5. "Imagine you weren't allowed to read this text"

  6. Anonymous says:

    How about: "Cool stuff for your PC at <a href=";” target=”_blank”>;

  7. Anonymous says:

    Another idea for a t-shirt
    You know this "I'm with stupid =>" shirts, right? So I thought we could re-use the concept with that arrow:
    "Loved Fedora's freedom =>" or something like that.
    Just a random input, didn't think this through.

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