Spin Blingification Continues


  1. Hi. Looks really good (especially those birds and light rays). The only concern I have is that I think the text "LXDE Desktop" disappears and is maybe a bit hard to read because of gradient. Keep up good work!

    1. Point taken, maybe I’ll try a dark grey for the LXDE words so there’s more contrast.

  2. Hi, I think this design awesome. Doesn’t want to put this design also to Fedora main pages? By the way, spin pages could be a hit… I’m surely will check it back! Keep this fine work!

  3. The birds are the official logo of LXDE and originally it was my idea to let them fly in a swarm. I told Máirín what I was thinking of and she did a fabulous job.
    Mo, it's really a pleasure to work with you! Looking forward to see the page go live! 🙂

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