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Fedora Design Team Meeting 5 May 2015

This is a very, very quick summary post:


  • We had three tickets that opened up today – ticket 371 for a sticker design that mleonova picked up, ticket 369 for the flock 2015 t-shirt which riecatnor picked up, and 210 for an updated map graphics which bronwynmowens grabbed.
  • We had some nice “Going to FUDcon” artwork designed by jurankdankkal and gnokki in ticket 359 – good work!!
  • Bronwyn finished her the artwork for her first ticket, ticket 347 which is a series of banners to advertise Fedora on stackexchange.
  • We gave threebean some advice on fedmenu (ticket 374) and I think we came up with some interesting ideas. I am going to copy/pasta the discussion into ticket 374 and we may end up having another discussion about it.
  • kirkB has been making progress on ticket 364 (to update the Design team wiki page) and posted his draft asking for comments / feedback. If you are a design team member please take a look and let him know what you think in the ticket! 🙂

See you next time?

Our meetings are every 2 weeks; we send reminders to the design-team mailing list and you can also find out if there is a meeting by checking out the design team category on FedoCal.


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