FUDcon Shirts

I forgot to post my pictures of the FUDcon shirts. They came out great. Andreas gave us the idea of having a tag cloud to illustrate the shirt, and Charlie Brej wrote us a tool to generate the tag clouds from the FUDcon and Fedora logos.
Also, because of popular demand, they are black instead of white!

(modeled by Ray Strode!)
One thing I learned producing these shirts is that two layers of ink are used on black t-shirts like this, so there are two layers of white, and a layer of white underneath the blue. Good to know, I suppose, since it affects the price.


  1. those shirts are really cool

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those turned out really sweet. Great job!
    – Andreas Nilsson

  3. How much more expensive is it to do a black shirt like this instead of the usual white? Do you need to do multiple layers even on light gray material?

    1. I would say roughly it cost 25% more; we got 200 white shirts for $900 with more colors, we got 150 black shirts for about $1000.

  4. I am surprised to not see girls commenting on this post about how sexy is the model (Ray)

    1. Probably
      Probably they don't want to piss off Mo 😉

      1. Re: Probably
        Indeed, is a wise thing to avoid Mo's wrath

    2. Anonymous says:

      Girls don't read geeky stuff :p and he's not that sexy 😉

      1. I'm a girl, I read geeky stuff, and Ray is fucking hot. You're just jealous.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Not really, I'm smoking hot myself (I'm a guy) 😉 Ray is just cute, like a bunny.

          1. I respectfully disagree.

        2. Anonymous says:

          The shirt is definitely hot; I wore it to a user group meeting last night in Cambridge. As for Ray, I'll leave that up to you!

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