Fedora 11 Artwork – Process starting now!

Sextant by mcost on Flickr, CC-BY 2.0

Greek Trireme from the U.S. Air Force Air War College, Public Domain

We’re just ramping up on the Fedora 11 artwork process. You may be familiar with our previous 3-rounds process, where artists would come up with different ideas and ‘compete’, and by the end the last theme standing became the theme.
We’re doing things a little differently this time. Since the competition results in dividing artists’ efforts and focus, we’ve decided this time to try to work on one theme idea together, and have everyone focused on the same idea to hopefully create a higher-quality theme faster. For F11, we decided to create artwork inspired by the F11 codename, which is Leonidas. We’ll see how it goes and depending on how difficult or useful this proves to be, we may or may not continue this for F12.
Either way, we have a tight deadline for the F11 artwork: 1 February 2009 to make a final decision on the visual concept for the artwork. We have a lot of ideas floating around now based on the idea of Leonidas:

  • Golden ratio
  • Nautilus
  • Hellenic Age
  • Nautical Equipment
  • Maps
  • Trireme (Greek Boat)
  • Parthenon
  • Mathematical Formulas

If you’ve got any cool ideas on how we can visually represent Leonidas for F11’s artwork, please join the conversation on fedora-art-list.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Leonidas wasn't in navy
    Actually i don't understand too much the sea-related ideas…. infact leonidas wasn't involved in the navy battle, if i don't mistake, anyway in my opinion you can join is name to swords, horses, shields and so on
    Keep the good work 🙂

    1. Re: Leonidas wasn't in navy
      There are two main Leonidas' we are looking at for inspiration:
      – Leonidas of Sparta
      – the HMS Leonidas, a British Navy ship that was the source for the actual naming link for the F11 code name

  2. Old school maps and/or mathematical idea. We didn't get our steampunk, so the retro kind of idea is still fresh & cool.
    My .02 — but I know whatever you all come up with will be superlative as always.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Come on! Pick an style, and stick to it
    Come one Fedora. Pick a style and stick to it.
    Open Source is all about improving on previous work, and for each release of Fedora the artwork is thrown away.
    Look at Ubuntu and Suse. Both have a style they stick to.
    Look at OSX or Vista. None have ships, balloons, solar systems or anything like that.
    Please make F11 the Fedora distribution that doesn't have an ugly theme.

    1. Re: Come on! Pick an style, and stick to it
      OSX, Vista, Ubuntu, and SuSE do NOT have the same wallpaper every release.
      Why is it every time someone posts this message in my livejournal that the IP is from Denmark? Is there something about the Fedora artwork that is particularly abrasive to Danish artistic sensibilities, or is the same single loud person just piping up with the same complaint every single blog post I make about art?
      Maybe I should try blocking your IP and see if all of the artwork complaints suddenly stop.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Quick request to test an app
    I know co-opting a comment in your blog is not exactly the ideal way to relay this to you, but I'd love if you could test my small application and maybe review/criticize it.
    Thanks in advance and apologies for the interruption.

    1. Re: Quick request to test an app
      I added it to my queue but it is admittedly quite backlogged; I'll take a look though!

  5. Anonymous says:

    a fedora girl!!! what i can say is.. pretty cool!

  6. This Nautical theme remind me of Fedora 10´s Gears art work.

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