It seems like folks had a great time at Flattop Johnny’s. As you can see above, we had some great ideas for Fedora sticker photo poses. 🙂
Pool was played:

Moonwalking too:


And of course, there were drinks…:

Some people had *TOO* good a time. I guess not everyone can hold their Fedora:


  1. That's seems to be really cool and funny event. That idea with billiards ball is really cool!

  2. Some wonderful photos in there (talking about the entire collection on flickr)

  3. poor Mo… you took photos of everybody and nobody took a photo of you?

    1. lol what are you talking about! I successfully escaped the camera! 🙂

      1. ah! your are putting it like that! next time i will put a bounty on your head for whoever gets a photo of you…

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