Fedora infrastructure icons – gotta catch 'em all

PackageDB (this is basically the GNOME package icon but 14×14)
Did I forget one? Let me know. They are cute aren’t they? My favorite is the Bodhi one 🙂
Inkscape SVG sources are available here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I love these. They would make great favicons for the apps, too.

  2. git and cvs are the same, right?

    1. well i suppose the cvs icon could be used generically for 'source control' – i labeled it CVS because that's how it's used in My Fedora – for the link to a package's source in Fedora CVS.

  3. bugzilla is cute too

  4. Anonymous says:

    Happy to have you on board 😉

    1. Re: Yay!
      🙂 Are these useful at all to you upstream?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ooooh the Fedora collectable icon game. Follow mizmo through her adventures as she becomes the greatest Ico-collector of all time. Will team Cynic catch her favorite Icon, Bodhi?!?

    1. packagedb! i choose you!

      1. I see your packagedb and I raise a bugzilla. Packagedb fainted.

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