Do you know robotics?

Hi 🙂
Plea for help here 🙂
The websites team and I would like to feature a photo of some real robots that have been programmed and/or built using Fedora as the main banner image for the Fedora Robotics spin – but we don’t know of any specific Fedora robots. We’d even be happy with a picture of a non-Fedora robot at this point.
If you know someone who is knowledgable about robotics and/or Fedora robotics, and who may have a picture they’d be willing to let us use, can you please get in touch?
Thanks 🙂


  1. I run a robotics club for my students after school once a week. We use LEGO EV3 robots running some custom Debian distro called ev3dev, but we do all of our development using Fedora. If you’re interested, I could send you some pictures of our robots? Is this what you’re looking for?

    1. mairin says:

      Jonathan – that’s exactly what we’re looking for! Can you send them to duffy@fpo?

  2. Roní Gonçalves says:

    Hi, Máirín!
    In the university where I have studied we organize a robotics tournament every year. It’s made by students for students and it’s low-budget. Anyway, we have photos of the several editions of it under a Creative Commons license on Flickr:
    These kind of robots are called line-followers. I helped to organize the Second edition and I have seen students using, actually, Windows and Ubuntu as environments. This kind of competition is common; there is, for example, the Freescale Cup:
    Oh, and if you want to see more multimedias from our tournament, the TUR, you can check our site (it’s not at all pretty because we are engineers and not designers :-\ ):
    I hope it helps you guys a little. Bye 😀 !

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