Flock for Remote Attendees Part 2: IRC & Call for Help!


Flock IRC Channels

Here’s the lineup of IRC channels we created on irc.freenode.net for remote attendees to follow along. You may want to configure them in your IRC client now to make your remote attendance easier. I’ve linked each channel name up to the freenode web client just in case it’s helpful.
If you’re using xchat / hexchat and just want to copy/paste the full list in a format xchat will take to allow you to auto-join, here you go:


Remember, the #fedora-flock channel is for general discussion / updates / questions about the Flock conference. The room-specific channels are for live transcription (if available) of the talks in the rooms as well as discussion about the talk as it proceeds.


So I previously posted a little call for requests for talks you’d like transcribed and for help getting talks transcribed, etc. So far I’ve only gotten one talk transcription request (Evolution of a Linux Distribution and its Ecosystem) and no other transcription volunteers yet.

emokid Image credit: Sad emo boy by Katie@! on Flickr, CC-BY-SA-2.0.

So if you’d like a particular talk transcribed (especially if you’re a remotee!) please let me know… and if you can transcribe let me know as well. 🙂 I added a ‘Transcriber’ column to the Flock Volunteer page so you can sign up there as well and check out which talks need coverage.
Also, if you just sort of spur-of-the-moment end up in a talk or watching a talk stream and decide you’d like to try your hand at transcribing it – please do it, it doesn’t matter if you signed up to or not. I might end up transcribing more than I signed up for depending on how busy things are around my house at the time!


  1. on Friday, these talks looked interesting:
    Why Fedora Sucks! 11 a.m. on Friday
    Fedora Crystal Ball, 2 p.m. on Friday
    Alternative Desktops Unite! 4 p.m. on Friday.
    If there is a way to watch a stream, and transcribe, I think I could transcribe one of Saturday’s talks.

    • mairin

      gurdonark, I won’t be able to transcribe the 11 or 2 talks because I have a class, but I can try to transcribe the 4 pm one if you can’t. Also, there should be streams available for all of the rooms with volunteers on the volunteer page – the volunteer duty is basically operating the cameras for the streams, which I believe will be on Google hangouts. We did this last year at FUDcon for some of the rooms and it worked well.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m a non-attendee working on Friday and thus can’t transcribe on that day.
        Saturday, though, I could transcribe ECTR 101 Saturday 11 AM Make Games Using Free as in Freedom Art and Audio Jaroslav Reznik
        This one interests me, as creating CC and PD content for free re-use is an avocation of mine. I assume that the 11 a.m. is Eastern time. If I am right, I could at 10 a.m. Central time watch the stream and as I watched, transcribe the talk. [my high school typing teacher would be proud]. I’d then just have to figure out the place to post the transcription.

        • mairin

          Hey gurdonark,
          Ah okay, I read your post too quickly. I will highlight the talks you’d like transcribed from Friday on the schedule and see if that will help entice folks to volunteer. I may be able to do the 4 PM one (depends on my 3-month old’s mood 🙂 ) but I’ll leave it open in case someone can do it for sure.
          You’re right about the times – so the 11 AM art/music for games talk is at 10 AM Central. I’ve put you down for that one – thank you so much! Also, I checked out your website when I read your first comment and have been listening to your music since – very cool 🙂
          Oh! And as far as the transcriptions go – we’ll have a bot in the channel recording everything, so everything you type will be logged. I think it would be good to take the log and clean it up and post it to the wiki afterwards, but we haven’t figured out the full plan for that yet.

  2. these talks look interesting to me, I’ll see if I can help transcribe:
    * State of Security in Fedora Friday 10 AM Friday
    * FreeIPA Two Factor Authentication 11 AM Friday
    * Fedora Security Lab 02 PM Friday (not sure if that’s a talk)
    * SELinux for Mere Mortals 10 AM Saturday
    * What’s New With SELinux? 11 AM Saturday
    * Kernel Fuzz Testing 12 PM Saturday
    * Secure Linux Containers 10 AM Sunday

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  4. hi Mairin:
    Thank you for all your guidance thus far. As I plan to transcribe tomorrow, I thought I’d check on
    to see if I could see the URLs for this morning’s streams. That way, I would know how to find the URLs for tomorrow’s streams.
    I could not find the streams for today’s talks on the Volunteers page. On the flocktofedora.com page, I found the auditorium stream, but did not find the individual room screens.
    I know that you’re apt to be transcribing all the cool seminars you’ve signed up for now, but if you could post the location of the live streams (for which location I may be missing something simple), that would be great.
    I’ve got xchat set up for the transcribing end, and now just need to locate the livestream for the talk tomorrow I’ve signed up to do. I assume that may not be posted until tomorrow, but I want to make sure I go to the right place to look for it.
    Thanks! I appreciate your help.

  5. Mairin:
    There they are! I found the video streams are now posted on the flocktofedora.com page, and was able to watch
    some of the presentation notwithstanding work demands. So tomorrow I should be able to open the video stream (a google+ hangout), open the IRC, and transcribe into the IRC what is said on the stream. Looks fun!

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