I just wanted a piece of toast…

… and this popped out of my toaster. What the hey?

The above uses the stock image “White Bread Slice on Black” by D. Sharon Pruitt, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.

Want your own miraculous toast?

  1. Install the Gimp. (yum install gimp -y)
  2. Grab some bread.
  3. Grab the special edition black & white beef.
  4. Open up your bread in Gimp. Go to File > Open as Layer and grab black & white beefy. Make sure his layer is on top of the bread.
  5. In the Gimp ‘Layers’ palette, set Beefy’s blending mode to ‘burn.’ Adjust the opacity to your toast darkness preferences.
  6. Whoah, Beefy’s got a nice tan there, but the rest of the bread is pale white! Add a new layer, fill it in with a light grey, and set it to the ‘burn’ layer blending mode to even out the toast level a bit more.
  7. To give Beefy a more natural toasty texture, run Filters > Generic > Dilate on him once or twice to your taste.
  8. (Optional) Select ‘new layer from visible’ by right-clicking the layers dialog, and hide the layers underneath. Create a layer mask and mask out the toast so you’ll have a transparent background, and add a drop shadow if you like. Otherwise enjoy your beefy toast on the original dark background.

What the hey?

Why am I blogging about a hot dog? Check out beefymiracle.org.


  1. Hi Máirín,
    Nice tutorial! I am trying to realize your tutorial exactly as you, but I don’t get that Filters>Generic>Dilate modify the Beefy. It don’t change anything and I have selected the right layer. What I am missing?

    1. mairin says:

      Hey Shakaran, can you send me your XCF? I can poke at it and see what’s up.

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