Trent is awesome but record companies are not

I think probably a lot of people that read my blog are Nine Inch Nails fans so maybe this isn’t news to anyone, but Nine Inch Nails put out a new album of fan remixes of the Year Zero album’s song. The album is a two-disc set that also includes a DVD of the multitrack garageband files (and the wav files for each track) so you can create your own remixes of Nine Inch Nails songs. I think this is awesome 🙂 I bought it today and I really like a lot of the remixes. I haven’t tried to use the ‘source’ tracks yet, though.
Anyhow, if you go to the site as advertised in the album to upload your remixes ( you will be linked to a sad tale explaining why Nine Inch Nails is not allowed to actually host the site as advertised on his album.
Oh, well, there is always
(btw I wonder if Trent was planning on using ccHost for his remixes site before his plans got squashed.)
Good luck to Nine Inch Nails in trying to get their remixes site set up – I think it’s an awesome idea.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Earlier remixes
    I have a collection of fan-made remixes called "The Limitless Potential" that is overall quite good. Makes a great soundtrack for Fedora work!

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