My Krita Tip-of-the-Day for Fedora Users

So the Fedora Art team uses Krita in the production of the graphic for the syslinux splash because syslinux, for some odd reason, only displays 16-bit colorspace graphics properly. (8-bit graphics look really funkified. More info on the syslinux graphics specs are available in the depths of the art team wiki pages.) I noticed today when I installed Krita to finalize the RC syslinux artwork that Krita refused to open PNG files. What! A graphics app that won’t open PNG?
Anyhow, thanks to CyrilleB in #koffice, I have the solution – when you install koffice-krita on your F10 system, be sure to also install koffice-filters. You’ll be able to work with PNGs in Krita then.


  1. Rex Dieter says:

    Apologies, koffice-kritia did have a Requires: koffice-filters at one time, but an overzealous attempt at fixing multilib issues made it go awol (rhbz #394101, if you're curious).
    When/if another pkg update happens, I'll make sure the dep comes back.

  2. @Rex Dieter: Thanks, Rex!! It was quite easy to solve, but pulling in the filters package by default I think would make it a lot easier for artists to use Krita.

  3. The problem is that koffice-filters drags in other KOffice apps.

  4. I wrote:
    > The problem is that koffice-filters drags in other KOffice apps.
    Actually, no, that got fixed already. The issue was that it dragged in koffice-kexi:
    but that has been fixed, now all the libs it requires are in koffice-libs. So I guess adding the Requires: koffice-filters is OK.

  5. Thomas Zander says:

    @Kevin; in KOffice1 we had some silly packaging situations.
    Most funny was that in koffice1 there are some filters that depend on 2 applications, nothing wrong with that. But at least on one distro they were combined in one package with other 'normal' filters. (no clue if that was fedora)
    So if you install the filters for KWord you end up pulling in Kexi and KSpread. Ugh.
    I know its harder to split packages more, but I hope stuff like that is something we can avoid in the future.

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