The secret to Stanley Cup winner prediction


  1. battlegarden says:

    Hm, maybe I'm unaware of the usage of certain words, but to me it seems that if the sausage is from Vienna, and Vienna is Wien in german, then it should spell 'Wiener', no?

    1. battlegarden says:

      Ah, but I do think the graphic is awesome!

  2. Arrügh! The word is "wiener", because that's the short form of "Wiener Würstchen" ("Viennese Sausages").
    (Sorry, you've been using that word repeatedly, I couldn't hold this back anymore.)

    1. Fixed it, sorry!

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  4. dagny87 says:

    Oh, HELL YES

  5. delicious victory

  6. Bugsbane starts rioting over in Canada 🙂

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