spins.fpo mockups

I just finished a full set of mockups for spins.fedoraproject.org.

General Spins Pages

There’s a set of mockups to provide general information about spins that include a directory of spins, general information about what spins are and why they are used, and instructions on how to download and use them.

Specific Spin Details Pages

There’s also a set of mockups intended to show details for individual spins. I’m hoping that spins maintainers feel free to add or remove tabs as necessary and add/remove content and they feel they need to in order to represent their spin:

What do you think?


  1. At a glance, much better than the current situation. I find that the text heavy approach of Fedora pages and the fact that often the link you click doesn't get you where you want to go (poor description, naming?) is a major problem. Probably because of the generic-ish wikimedia layout.

    1. Hey Jonathan, these pages are text-heavy as well – do you think they suffer the same issue? Should they be broken up more?

  2. Rahul Sundaram says:

    The first page seems a bit too long and the light blue is not very attractive. The second page is more appealing to me.

    1. I have to agree here, the first page require a bit too much vertical scrolling, it can use a more compact layout.

    2. Cristian says:

      The blue looks nice to me. The page is indeed a bit too long, but I don't see how it can be shorten. Anyway, good job!

  3. I like these mockups really much, great work!
    I kind of agree with Rahul. Maybe there is a bit too much light blue used.

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