Fedora Board Meetings, 12 & 15 Nov 2010

The Fedora Board meeting schedule works as follows:

  • Every Monday, the Board will meet via phone at 2 PM Eastern time (1900 UTC atm).
  • Every other Friday (the next one is this Friday, 12 Nov), the Board will hold a public ‘office hours’ style questions & answers session in #fedora-board-meeting at 2 PM Eastern time.

Last Friday’s meeting


Here’s a quick summary of questions/points brought up during the meeting. You’ll want to the full log for details on any of these.

  • “lots of people ask for help in #fedora-social, how on earth do they run into #fedora-social before they find #fedora” – maybe nick registration requirements play a role.
  • Jebba built a bunch of updated f13 RPMS for the secondary mips architecture and is now getting set up koji under mips for fedora 14. According to him, the fedora-mips list and channel are pretty dead, and the guy that did the f13 initial port is mostly MIA. Jebba wondered where he should put the RPMs he is producing. Jared recommended that he work with the infrastructure team and the release engineering team — they’ll find a good home for them.
  • Ricky asked, “From the meeting notes, I got the impression that the rejection of sqlninja wasn’t really an application of the new legal text, but more of a specific one-off decision – does the board really want to be in the position of making packaging individual decisions as opposed to just writing/applying the policies behind these decisions?”
  • Ricky also asked, “What are current thoughts for other security packages that have similar offensive capabilities? I’d like/hope to see this decision deferred until sqlninja is revisited as spot mentioned.”
  • Stahnma asked, “Who from the Fedora board, or anybody in the Fedora community, is consulted about what packages make it into RHEL? And if it’s anybody, is there a process for it?”

Yesterday’s meeting


For more details on any of these highlights, please check out the full meeting minutes.

  • Stefano from the Debian project got in touch with Jared regarding openrespect.org and is planning to work on an open collaborative initiative, possibly via freedesktop.org. Jared will try to be involved in this. Re: the press reaction to openrespect.org, Jared said that there is no conflict, just miscommunication.
  • SQLninja decision – the Board is gathering more information and will revisit the topic when ready. There have been misunderstandings about the connection between the two somewhat related decisions (legal disclaimer + sqlninja-specific decision.)
  • Chris Tyler has been working on organizing the elections process. The Board allowed FESCO to extend the nomination period for three folks who missed the deadline.
  • An online vendor asked for a non-software goods license agreement to produce mugs with the Fedora logo for-profit. It turns out there may be pre-existing exclusivity agreements so Spot & Jared will do some research to see what we can allow here. The Board also discussed related issues such as quality control of Fedora-branded products.
  • A site & twitter page that uses the Fedora trademark & Fedora logo in a way explicitly prohibited in the logo usage guidelines was brought to the attention of the Board… Jared is going to contact the person who owns the sites.
  • Community Working Group – Rex has reached all but one nominee, and is working on getting in touch with that person. The mailing list/trac instance for the group will be set up soon.
  • Mizmo pointed out that there are some longer-term things we’d been working on that fell off the radar – both setting up a board blog and continuing to work towards meeting our vision for Fedora were discussed. Mizmo will be sending a mail to advisory-board list to kick off some brainstorming for multi-release goals to reach our vision, and asked that all board members come up with 5 to add to the discussion.

Upcoming Board Meetings

  • The next Fedora Board meeting will be conducted via phone & Gobby on Monday, November 29. The Nov. 22 meeting is cancelled due to Jared’s travel schedule & the Thanksgiving holiday (making it hard to re-schedule that week!)
  • The next Fedora Board meeting after that will be IRC office hours on Friday, December3rd, at 2 PM EST (1900 UTC) in #fedora-board-meeting on irc.freenode.net.


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