Fedora Board Meeting, 8 Nov 2010

Just as a quick reminder, the Fedora Board has been following a new schedule over the past month or so. This new schedule works as follows:

  • Every Monday, the Board will meet via phone at 2 PM Eastern time (1900 UTC atm).
  • Every other Friday (the next one is this Friday, 12 Nov), the Board will hold a public ‘office hours’ style questions & answers session in #fedora-board-meeting at 2 PM Eastern time.

Today’s Meeting


  • Fedora 14 shipped! Hooray! Now let’s get to work on F15.
  • Fedora’s Community Working Group– We discussed nominations for the five inaugural members of the Fedora Community Working Group. We voted on 5 candidates and 1 alternate in the case one of the candidates could not accept. Rex will notify the candidates and confirm their participation in the group. Look for an announcement of the group’s membership soon. More details >.
  • openrespect.org – does the Fedora Board agree with this statement? – We examined the openrespect.org statement itself, and also reviewed Jono’s blog post on it as well as Aaron Seigo’s response. A number of concerns about the statement were brought up, so we decided to not sign it at this time and provide Jono with some of our concerns and some ideas for improving it. More details >.
  • New Legal GuidelineA package review request was submitted for SQLninja, which can be used for exploiting remote systems and may not have many legitimate uses. Spot brought up a couple of decisions the Board needed to make regarding this request – (1) Should we put a statement in our legal guidelines to directly address the issue of packages of free license but questionable legality of purpose? Unaminously decided yes. (2) Should we approve or deny the SQLninja request? Unaminously decided deny. More details >.
  • Fedora Elections Process – We talked about the Fedora elections process and how nobody really stepped up to manage the whole thing. Chris Tyler said he has some obligations he’s since taken care of and he can help out more. Jared also noted he will be announcing the hire of a new Fedora program manager soon, and this person could take on the responsibility in future elections. More details >.

Upcoming Board Meetings

  • The next Fedora Board meeting will be IRC office hours this Friday, November 12, at 2 PM EST (1900 UTC) in #fedora-board-meeting on irc.freenode.net.
  • The Fedora Board meeting after that will be on Monday, November 15 and conducted via phone & Gobby.

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