Fedora Board Blog

The Fedora Board now has a blog of its own. I had been doing some Board meeting summaries here in my own blog, but that’s not a good long-term solution so with the help of Sijis & Fedora Infrastructure, the Fedora Board now has a shared blog. That being said, I goofed when I originally added the blog to Planet Fedora, so you may have missed the first post. Here it is, and hopefully the next one will just work when it comes to appearing on Planet Fedora: Fedora Board Meeting, 13 December 2010 (The meeting consisted mostly of discussions about proposed future goals for Fedora to help us achieve our vision, so it’s definitely worth a read.)


This post is just a little bit of thinking about a particular warning dialog in the Fedora installer. There is a ‘just for now,’ simple, low-churn solution to the issue, but the larger problem remains unsolved. I’ve also documented this saga in the Fedora wiki for posterity. It’s what I’ve been looking at over the past couple of days. The problem Background See the screenshot above? Scary little bugger, right? Yep, there’s a few issues with this screen. We’ve received bugs on it requesting that the text be changed to be more accurate. There’s bigger problems than that, though. Let’s go a bit into the background of this dialog. It occurs early on in the screen flow: [ lang selection ] => [ keyboard selection ] => [ basic or special storage ] => [ REINIT DIALOG ] => [ hostname selection ] Here’s the full order of things in the anaconda code. The screen that asks if you have basic or specialized storage must come towards the beginning of the screen set, because it is at this point anaconda has to scan to see if any pre-existing installations are on the system in order to know if we can …