Fedora Interaction Design Hackfest Summary

So we had a very productive interaction design hackfest today in #fedora-design:

  • We interviewed folks from three of the defined stakeholders groups – Fedora Infrastructure, Fedora Spins, and Fedora Help Forums (myself and Ryan Lerch conducted these! Thanks to Toshio, Smooge, sdziallas, and nirik for letting us interview you!)
  • We have two written summaries for one of the stakeholder interviews.
  • We have scheduled plans for four other interviews (María is going to interview the marketing team, and James Mulroy is going to interview me for the Design team, Mel is going to take care of the Desktop and QA interviews.)

The meeting logs are available if you’d like to check out what went on. We have 13 stakeholder interviews we need to do and only 6 are being worked on, so if you’d like to choose from the 7 left please do! Comment here to find out about how to get started 🙂
Mel and I were thinking it might be cool to do another hackfest on this stuff on the FUDBus next Friday. There will be quite a few stakeholders riding, and they will not be able to run from our questions while they are on the bus >:)
(Update: Added one more interview since nirik was so kind as to be interviewed before dinner 🙂 )
(Update 2: Added summary of interview with nirik)

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