shameless font packaging begging again

SMonohand is a cool monospace handwritten font done by dalles on Open Font Library.
I saw a presentation today done with a blackboard background using Apple’s Chalkboard font. I think SMonohand might be a good font to do this kind of thing in an open way. It will probably appeal to kids too.
Anyone up for packaging it? 🙂 🙂


  1. Are we packaging individual fonts? Or could we create some sort of otf-fonts-free package that contains like the top 10 free fonts?

    1. We do package individual fonts. I'd rather have a lot more than top ten 🙂
      Typically though a font family has more than one font, in this case there's just one and it's regular / non-bold / non-italic.

  2. We do package individual fonts (and forbid font packs since the ones we did in Fedora before didn't age well).
    There are many fonts to package, and few people doing the packaging, so if you're interested do try your luck and make Máirín happy. It's not hard (if time consuming)

  3. For a personal taste, you can do your own handwritten font at
    You fill a sheet, upload it and then you will get a TrueType font by your own.

  4. Erik Snoeijs says:

    Don't take me too serious, but this font could have some serious Comic Sans potential. If that's a good thing or bad thing you can decide for yourself 😛

  5. It reminds me too much of the awful Comic Sans font.

  6. Bob Bobson says:

    Are you joking? It's a copy of Comic Sans. And you want to use it for presentations? This is why Open Source isn't taken seriously. Unprofessional and amateurish design work.
    Educate yourself –

    1. Apple copied Comic Sans…
      Of course I know this argument doesn't work for the non fan-bois and girls (of which I am not a peer either)
      I still think there is a place for such fonts.

      1. Richard says:

        I still like Comic Sans. We don't all need to be popular.

  7. I think it looks awesome 🙂

  8. Mo, sometime after I migrate back to Boston (right after FUDCon), we're going to have a font packaging party and get Really, Really Good at packaging fonts. Then we can start making "Ha! Another new font packaged!" posts as well. 😉

    1. w00t! let's do it 🙂

      1. Well, if you can't wait till then, I can package this now. I'll have to read up on font packaging guidelines (as I've not done this before).

        1. That would be most excellent Michel! There's tons of fonts I want to package so I'll have no lack of fonts to package myself once Mel shows me the way 🙂 So if you're up for giving this font a try now, that would be awesome!

          1. Here's the review request. There's a couple of things I'm uncertain about, but that's what reviews are for, after all (e.g. I listed SMonohand as a replacement for Chalkboard, not sure if that's needed or not).

          2. you rock, thank you so much!

          3. Right, here we are: smonohand updates.


  9. Why would anyone want to use a Comic Sans MS monospaced lookalike is beyond me. Even if you want something casual, this (as Comic Sans MS) is a badly executed font, with a poor design. The style is not really coherent from letter to letter, with some really simple while others sport serif-like cruft.
    Well, more choice to the people i guess. As long as it's not a default or recommended font in any sensible application.

  10. Máirín says:

    @Florent for fun.

  11. […] inspire folks to get involved in packaging, specifically font packaging. Shameless begging font package requests via blog have worked in the past. I think it’s maybe a little […]

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