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As quite a few of my blog readers know, my day job at Red Hat has been working as an interaction designer on Red Hat’s Red Hat Network Satellite product.
We are going to have a very important press release about this product momentarily. If you have any interest at all in Linux systems management I strongly recommend that you check it out. Here’s the link:
Red Hat Summit Press Conference


  1. Anonymous says:

    It's a shame about the codecs…
    "Download the Windows Media Player or Real Player plug-in in order to listen to the webcast."

    1. Re: It's a shame about the codecs…
      Yeh, it is a shame. doesn't actually host that site so we're a bit at the mercy of the vendor there.

    2. Re: It's a shame about the codecs…
      So I, um, mentioned to Red Hat's CEO Jim Whitehurst at FUDcon today and he said that we've got to do something about it because it's unacceptable. So, stay tuned 🙂

      1. Anonymous says:

        Re: It's a shame about the codecs…
        Thanks. I also hope it's not too much to ask that we not be required to register with our names, companies, and email addresses to view it. After all, the video I presume is essentially an advertisement for Red Hat.
        It's strange the barriers that are put up for these things, and stranger still what some people will put up with. 🙂

        1. Re: It's a shame about the codecs…
          I honestly do not know what is done with that information; I would guess that it helps to know who is watching the webcast to understand what kind of audience to target that type of information to in the future.
          The video is not a Red Hat advertisement. It was a press conference. It had news about Red Hat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I Pray
    Assuming its to do with RHN. My wishlist for it would be:
    – Oracle dependency Removed
    – Open source RHN
    – two of the three languages dependencies (perl, python, java) are removed
    – Satellite Certs get auto signed.

    1. Re: I Pray
      2) It is now. Refer
      1) Read the FAQ on that page and send patches
      3) Send patches 😉

      1. Anonymous says:

        Re: I Pray
        I'd imagine removing java and perl would go expressly against the desires of management.

        1. Re: I Pray
          I'd imagine smart managers let their engineers make implementation decisions rather than themselves. I think the managers involved are pretty smart.

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