shameless cry for help

Dear lazyweb, does anyone have packages of Gimp 2.6 built for Fedora 9?
p.s. you need gegl, gegl-devel, babl, and babl-devel from rawhide. yum-builddep provides all the rest. Also had to add a fake g_dgettext() to the main.c, but then it builds fine. not sure what the g_dgettext issue is all about.


  1. Anonymous says:

    roll up the sleeves
    Why don't you build it yourself? it may take a couple of days, but you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling 🙂

    1. Re: roll up the sleeves
      I did. I would rather have an RPM for my other machines.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Re: roll up the sleeves
        How I normally do this is cheating:
        cvs co gimp
        cd gimp
        rm -rf F-9
        cp -pr devel F-9
        echo "F-9" > F-9/branch
        cd F-9
        make mockbuild
        deal with problems… (as in check out other packages.. build those packages)
        and tada! after 8-12 days you have a package.
        I now normally I am doing this for EL-5 so its a LOT more packages :).

        1. Anonymous says:

          Re: roll up the sleeves
          Of course I say this before realizing I don't think it has been branched yet.. sigh.. me shut up now.

        2. Anonymous says:

          Re: roll up the sleeves
          norm murray at red hat builds them regularly for his photography work.
          give him a ping and he;ll be able to hook you up with the packages and all deps.

          1. Re: roll up the sleeves
            ooh ooh thanks for the tip!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nope, but
    you'll probably ask Nils? As far as I remember he was maintaining these and I guess he might be working on packaging 2.6.

    1. Re: Nope, but
      Ah okay, I'll check with him on it then, thanks!

      1. Re: Nope, but
        I know we are past the feature freeze for F10, but I wonder if we can "lobby" for it…, you know, "we need the improved tool to create even better graphics for F11" :p
        PS: you beat my at blegging for GIMP 2.6… damn the timezones 😀

        1. Anonymous says:

          nphilipp to the rescue
          It's here.

          1. Re: nphilipp to the rescue
            note that before installing this I needed to yum install from Rawhide gegl and WebKit-gtk and then at the first look it seems fine

  3. Anonymous says:

    An Update Please
    I want it too. Did you find any RPMs? Where?

    1. Re: An Update Please
      see above 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did you get anywhere with packages for F9?

    1. Norm Murray and Jon Orris built some F9 ones for x86_64. I only have x86 though. However these do require enabling rawhide for some packages because Gimp requires versions of stuff thats just not in F9.

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