Unpackaged Open Font of the Week: Chemist

Chemist is a handwriting-style font. One idea of a treatment that would work well with this font is using it for blockquotes in a print layout. The font was created by Cathy Davies as a memorial to her late father.

So, you want to package Chemist?

Sweet! You’re the bomb! You’ll want to follow the first steps here next to the ‘if you intend to do some packaging’ header:

Our fonts packaging policy, which the above refers to, is documented here:

And if you have any questions throughout the process, don’t hesitate to ask on the Fedora Fonts SIG mailing list:

Last week’s font

Last week’s font was Chunk Five by Meredith Mandel. Nobody has picked up the font package request yet! Would you like to?


  1. Nice find. thanks for sharing

  2. I don't think I have an eye for the artistic arts, so I really appreciate the suggestion for what this font could be used for, as I wouldn't ever come up with something like that myself. Thanks!

  3. …an eye for the *visual* arts…

  4. I love the font. Unfortunately I have no way to open .sit files. Luckily I was able to find a .zip of it at http://www.fontspace.com/cathy-davies (for others who may be in the same boat I'm in)

  5. My FUDBus to-do list reads as follows:
    1. Sugar Labs Oversight Board meeting and Sugar Labs Infrastructure Team meeting, both with Bernie, both with blogging immediately afterwards.
    2. Ensure all signs/logistics/scheduling/accounting for FUDCon are set insofar as I can do anything about them from the bus
    3. User research interviews
    4. Go through font packaging tutorial with Mo to knock a couple fonts out and also leave the tutorial better than when we started
    5. A Task To Be Disclosed On FUDBus
    #4 pending your willingness and free time, of course – but the bus ride is a long one. 😉

  6. I've reviewed mplus today so once again there are no font packages in the Fedora review queue waiting for reviewer action.

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