LinuxTag Day 1

I started my day off with a delicious breakfast of strawberries. There are fresh strawberry booths at various U-Bahn stations in Berlin. So delicious!!
Here we are waiting for the train to Messe Berlin, you can see Spot, Greg, Yakov, and Max here:
The Fedora booth looks really fantastic! We have some very nice Dell laptops with demos of F11. There is a projector in the top of the booth showing a blingy slideshow with slides Fabian and myself put together to help publicize FUDcon. There are also the freedom | infinity | community posters on the front of each of the three podiums, and a beautiful tall four foundations banner across from the booth:
The F11 media came out great. One error though – the back of the DVDs says ‘Live Media’ o_O. We’ll have to do better next time:
Some hacking went on in the dev room downstairs:
I was happy to meet Thomas Woerner and had some interesting discussions with him over lunch about the system-config-firewall assistant/wizard and and some future direction for Fedora. Lunch was very tasty and surprisingly to me, very vegetarian-friendly!
At the booth, I talked to a few ‘customers’ – one gentleman was very interested to learn about our tablet support and how handwriting recognition works. I conveniently had my x61 ready with F11, so we gave him a demo of Cell Writer and Xournal. If you are interested in a tablet notebook but are unsure of Linux support, you should definitely check these packages out. I don’t use Cell Writer so much, but I love taking notes with Xournal, and it is awesome for annotating PDFs as well. The F11 CDs, DVDs, and tattoos are quite popular at LinuxTag.
On the way back to the hotel, I ran into something I have only imagined in my dreams. Too bad they were closed for business that time of day, but still!!!!
Since I had heard that Berlin has some great, reasonably-priced Indian food, I have been craving it since arriving in Berlin. I got my fill at Amrit, which is in a very ‘colorful’ district of Berlin. (On the way home I had a run-in with a local ‘professional’ – whoops. I don’t think I will hear the end of that for quite some time, lol.) The restaurant was very hip and had quite a lot of young people there; it didn’t really even have a roof, it had a kind of canopy over top with lots of wide bamboo walls and very cool Buddha decorations. I had a dish of chana masala with some of Spot’s palak paneer, lots of salad, and some delicious poori and naan. It’s a bit hard to make out in the picture – it was a dimly-lit kind of place.
Amrit Indian Restaurant Berlin
So much food!
Swanky Decor

One parting note – perhaps the slideshow we are displaying at the booth can be cleaned up and modified to be used for other events?


  1. Lukas says:

    If you happen to like really freakingly good coffee (-based drinks), visit either the Bonanza Coffee Heroes or GodShot Nothing else to say here 😉

  2. Jos says:

    A picture says more than words. You look wowed and happy by the strawberries.

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