FUDcon Day 1

Wow, today was quite a busy day! I had a tight schedule but got a lot done.
I headed into the conference a little early with Spot and Paul. BTW, Paul really proved he has got some serious artistic chops with the session signs he made!
I took a photo survey of the signage as I mentioned before, so hopefully we can put together a nice kit of signage templates for events. I’ll hopefully do another blog post going over the ‘survey’ later on. Then I took some photos of the FUDcon space. It is quite impressive, except for one unfortunate thing – the main lounge area where people get together and chat is on a balcony above the main stage, and it is quite echo-y in there. For future events, we should probably make a point to make sure there’s a ‘chat space’ where folks can meet without disturbing others (to be honest, folks could have used the LinuxTag dev room, but it is a bit far away.) The banners for the event came out beautiful and will be useful for many more events to come I’m sure.
Around 9 AM I got to work chalking the path between the main LinuxTag building and Marshall Haus where FUDcon was being held, in hopes of helping folks interested in FUDcon find the way over. Here’s the most elaborate one I did. I wish I had more time to do something really big and more complicated:
I had booth duty from 10-12. I reviewed the UI of system-config-firewall with Thomas Woerner and he also showed me some very interesting UI ‘inspiration’ as well. 🙂 Then of course, not having eaten at least a pound of strawberries, I was starving by noon so I had some lunch. Afterwards I got to chat with the super-cool Jan Wildeboer and of course Paul Frields. 🙂 Then I met with Joel Granados, who has been working of some of the storage UI for anaconda. We did a UI review and came up with what I think are some pretty good ideas, including some quick mockups, together. I am hoping to summarize what we came up with and send it to the anaconda mailing list soon.
Then it was time to pitch barcamp talks! Paul transcribed:
Finally Nicu took an amazing group photo! It came out so good!
My latest photo uploads are being slow, so I’ll have to cover FUDpub in a part 2. 🙂


  1. Jadd says:

    *Jadd is jealous, wants Máirín to join his favourite distro's community*

    1. What's your favorite distro?

  2. OMG you Fedora folks have such good taste. Those sidewalk graphics are awesome 🙂

    1. Thank you Dylan 🙂

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