Berlin Day 0

St. Colmcille brought me from Boston to Dublin.
St. Colmcille - Aer Lingus
Vegetarian Airplane Food
Welcome to Dublin!
Dublin’s terminal A isn’t great. In fact, I only found one functional power outlet, and it conveniently spanned the entrance of the ladies’ room. I arrived at 5 AM and fought to stay awake as to not miss my flight!
Sunrise over Dublin
An inconvenient power arrangement
St. Ibar took me from Dublin to Berlin:
St. Ibar to Berlin
Schonefeld Airport
Over 24 hours awake now. A comfortable 1 hour train ride to the hotel.
Train Stations
Berlin subway
By some very very good luck and happy chance, I ran into the FUDcon dinner train. They very kindly and patiently waited for me to drop my things off and we headed out for yummy (and veggie-friendly thankfully) food!
Jesse's Green Beer
Linguine, Mozzarella, and Tomato with Basil
Jesse and Spot
I think I’ve been awake for something like 34 hours now. Time to sleep!


  1. The plane food meal looks like veggies, a big stick of butter, and rice. I am guessing that its something else. It cools when airlines put the names on their planes. What airline was that?

    1. Smooge: Aer Lingus!!!!
      Stick of Butter = Tofu 🙂

      1. Ah ok… that was my third guess. Dehydrated ice cream was my second. And no I have no idea why they appeared in that order. Have a good time in Europe.

  2. Berlin Day 0 or Dublin day 0?
    Please check your title 😉

    1. My title is correct. 'Day 0' indicates a day of travel. I spent some time in Dublin on the layover to Berlin.

  3. Enjoy your time here! Is this for holidays?

    1. Nope I'm here for LinuxTag and FUDCon Berlin!

  4. Guessing you're here for LinuxTag too huh? I had a wander today just to get my bearings, but I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Think Dan and Fab from Linux Outlaws are there tomorrow too…

    1. They are, they interviewed me today!

  5. Lennart says:

    I like the desktop background on your laptop on the fifth photo. It's an amazing background! It reminds me of a leaf I saw in the Singapore Botanical Gardens. The guy who shot that leaf picture must be a really gifted 😉

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