Art Team: It's time to vote for round 3!

There is now an election in the Fedora voting system for members of the art group to vote on the default theme for Fedora 10. The candidates are:

The vote will be open for 36 hours only so please get your vote in ASAP. The vote will close at 1 AM UTC Sep 24 (9 PM EDT Sept 23)
Vote Now!
If you are not a member of the art group, please read this note before applying. Thanks!
p.s. Thanks to Nigel Jones for setting the vote up for us!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I really love InvinXble. I hope you'll use it in fedora 10…
    Solar is nice too.

    1. It's not up to me. It's up to the whole art team. 🙂

      1. Anonymous says:

        yes I know 😀 I'm on the l10n team, I can't vote 🙁 … The Gears theme is cool too, but looks better for Enlightenment desktop 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    can't vote but InvinXble is really nice! (the others are also very good, but i think InvinXble is the best)

    1. really? you're comfortable with fedora being represented with a weapon?

      1. I am
        I think the poster shows that the messaging can be made very positive. Revolution, freedom etc.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Re: I am
          or as I posted on the art list, the katana was a marvel of technology when it was invented. I see much of Fedora in that comparison.
          I find it simplistic to discard it because it so happens that a katana can we used to commit acts of violence. A willing human being can kill another human being with most anything including his own hands if he so desires. Today, katanas are decoration items, many of my friends have them hanging and they are beautiful items with great history attached to them.

          1. Re: I am
            The katana and tampon both were marvels of technology in their day, weren't they? Doesn't mean I want a blue-liquid-filled tampon representing Fedora.
            I understand that things that normally are linked with violence or other negative connotations can, in the proper context, be interpreted in an intelligent and insightful way unrelated to the general perception. For example, Jonathan Swift suggests eating human children in a Modest Proposal. The message his paper put forth however, couldn't be any further than suggesting that the Irish people eat their children and it carried a clear message broadcasting the direness of the humanitarian crisis in Ireland at the time.
            I don't see any insightful, eye-opening, or uplifting message to this imagery though. I don't see any link to Fedora. I don't see how the image represents technology or the marvels of technology. It's just a picture of a katana sunk into the ground with blue flower petals. The statement it makes to me is, 'Fedora. We're coming for you.' or 'Fedora. We won't go down without a fight.' These are not the kinds of messages and imagery I want promulgated about Fedora.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great choices!
    These are all beautiful options, way to go Fedora art folks!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Re: Great choices!
      It's hard to choose.. Now I'm whatching on detail the Solar theme…it looks very very cool. Now I'm love with it XD
      Compliments to the art team!

  4. It's down to between Solar and InvinXble. I've seen a similar Gears design elsewhere before (though I believe the link has been defunct for quite some time), and Neon is a bit simplistic for my tastes. Great job on all though!

    1. Anonymous says:

      good stuff
      Both Solar and Invinxible are well executed, but the potential bad interpretation of the invixible theme is probably going to kill it. Too bad, lovely done.

      1. Re: good stuff
        I have to agree. The plymouth animation for invixible is really quite something, but I really dislike the sword imagery as representative of Fedora.

  5. No Problemo
    No problem setting up the vote.
    As everyone is having their say, I _REALLY_ like Solar

  6. Maybe announcing the vote on all the planets was not that a good idea? All the people eligible to vote should be subscribed to the mailing list already…
    Myself, I am *abstaining* from the vote.

    1. Why are you abstaining?

      1. Because I have no preference for any of Solar or InvinXible, which are really the only contenders.

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