F8 Media Labels

Here’s some labels for you to print out to get ready for F8’s release 🙂

The werewolf design is by Nicu!
EDIT: Since the SVGs above are not ideal for printing as-is, I’ve made PNGs available too that are the exact size needed. I tested some of them by printing them out from the GIMP and they seemed to print out the right size… but do let me know if you have problems printing these new PNGs out let me know! And if you’re having issues with the glabels file let me know too.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Version number?
    These are great, except it doesn't say the version (Fedora 8). How is one supposed to pick this DVD up in a couple of years and figure out what version it is? Very nice artwork however.

    1. Re: Version number?
      cuz it's got a big werewolf? 😉
      (good point… 🙂 )

    2. Anonymous says:

      Re: Version number?
      The f logo has an 8 embedded in it, just tilted slightly.

  2. you guys did a beautiful job on the artwork. The CD labels and also the default theme. The changing background colors is really cool — everyone who tries Fedora 8 mentions it to me.

  3. Re: tw2113
    they will open in inkscape…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Agreed, Fedora 8 is the first distro I've used in 10 years where the appearance out of the box was appealing and noticeable.
    – dgoodwin

  5. PNG available?
    Hello, big fan of Fedora and Ms. Duffy… Anyway, am I depraved for needing a PNG file like the last one? I have an Epson R320 printer, and I used the GIMP to print the DVD, resulting in a print with a big white circle around the outside edge. Not that small one from not printing to the edge of the CD, but a big one almost half an inch thick, like the image was slightly too small.
    What's with glabels? I installed the program using yum, and it looks cool, but I don't know if it has any print to CD functionality.
    I guess I'll install inkscape, and see if I can print from that, and if that doesn't work, I'll save my own PNG and print it.
    Again, thanks for the artwork!

    1. Re: PNG available?
      Try the glabels templates!
      Or, if you are using the above files, scale them such that the outer curve of the design is 4.5 inches (the diameter of a CD or DVD). You would get an outer white ring if you scaled the inner ring to fit outside the plastic ring in the middle. Don't do that – that artwork should be croppd off if you can't print on the plastic ring area (some DVDs/CDs and labels let you print there.)

    2. Re: PNG available?
      Hey. I made PNGs available! Let me know if you have issues with them!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can you please tell me how do you print these SVG label files to CDs?
    I've tried once to open SVG file with Gimp and print from it, but the image was significantly smaller than CD…

    1. i think i know what's going on – what I'm going to do is go through and convert them all to png and then put those links up. I'll try to have it done in a few hours. Thanks for letting me know about the issues you were having with the SVGs!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Sorry, I was not clear enough. I was attempting to print SVG from the previous version of Ferora. That SVG picture contained some strange circles with crosshairs to the top, bottom, left and right outside of the main CD label circle. I was naively thinking that those crosshairs was something like hints to printer for better positioning, but I was wrong. The result was disappointing: the very small label in the centre of CD, and those circles with crosshairs at the top, bottom, left, right…
        BTW, do you know what's the purpose of those circles with crosshairs which can be seen on many CD and DVD labels for previous versions of Fedora?

    2. Okay, I converted the SVGs to PNGs and cropped them to the perfect size for the CDs (4.5 inches… 114.3 mm) If you print the PNGs from the GIMP they should be the right size!
      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

      1. Thanks for the PNG files!
        Thanks for those conversions.
        The glabels files would have rocked it quite well, and its a good way to get word out about the app. However, I print directly to CD, and didn't see any functionality for that in the app.
        Inkscape doesn't seem to natively support the same print options as GIMP/Gutenprint for printing to CD… maybe there'd need to be some sort of Gutenprint plugin for Inkscape? I dunno.
        Livejournal is blocked by websense at work, and then there was the standard "home stuff" that kept me from responding earlier, but thanks for those suggestions… I imagine the PNG will work fine for those of us who like printing directly to CD and got it to work with GIMP.
        Maybe someone should write up a tutorial on how to print labels and how to print to CD with various printers… yeah… I guess that sounds like a volunteer… guess I should get started on that. "If I don't make it back, avenge me! Write a tutorial on printing CDs for the Fedora Project Wiki!"

        1. Re: Thanks for the PNG files!
          Yeh it seems there are 3 use cases for printing CD labels:
          1) print to sticker label (glabels is AWESOME for this!)
          2) print directly to CD (if there isn't one I bet a template for this could be made for glabels, but it seems gimp suffices here)
          3) lightscribe (need special template, maybe special software?)
          I posted a tutorial for #1 above… if you would like to add to it for direct-to-cd-printing (I've never had a printer that could do that so I don't know how!) it would be awesome! The tutorial is here: <a href="http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/CDArt/HowTo” target=”_blank”>http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/CDArt/HowTo

      2. Anonymous says:

        Great! Thank you very much! I'll try to print a label after I buy more printable blank DVDs.
        Could you please outline briefly what tools you was using to convert SVG to PNG?

        1. Sure! I opened the SVG up in Inkscape. Then, I clicked on the circle of the dvd artwork and went to File > Export Bitmap. Then, I made sure that under "Export Area" the "Selection" button was chosen. I also changed the DPI to 300. Under units I picked "in" to make sure I was exporting a 4.5×4.5in image (standard disc size). Then I hit export 🙂

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