Fedora Design Interns Update

Fedora Design Team Logo
I wanted to give you an update on the status of the Fedora Design team’s interns. We currently have two interns on our team:
Flock 2016 Logo

Mary Shakshober – (IRC: mshakshober) Mary started her internship full time this summer and amongst other things designed the beautiful, Polish folk art-inspired Flock 2016 logo. She’s currently working limited hours as the school year is back in swing at UNH, but she is still working on design team tickets, including new Fedora booth material designs and a template for Fedora’s logic model.

Suzanne Hillman – (IRC: shillman) Suzanne just started her Outreachy internship with us two days ago. She has been working on UX design research for a new Fedora Hubs feature – Regional Hubs. She’s already had some interviews with Fedora folks who’ve been involved in organizing regional Fedora events, and we’ll be using an affinity mapping exercise along with Matthew Miller to analyze the data she’s collected.

If you see Mary or Suzanne around, please say hi! 🙂

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