Fedora 17 Artwork Assets & New Sleeve Text

Fedora’s artwork, including our print-ready media art and other collateral, are produced by the Fedora community, much of it by the Fedora Design Team (our Ambassadors team creates some as well!)

Alexander’s F17 media sleeves design
For the past several releases, Alexander Smirnov has created and maintained our media artwork, countdown banners, and with Fedora 17 he’s released a fantastic release party poster. He is doing a truly kickass job and is a real hero for us, so if you see him around please thank him! He was also the artist who created Fedora 17’s beefy and miraculous fireworks wallpaper, using Inkscape of course. 🙂
Here’s a run-down of the designs he has produced for Fedora 17 including the source files:

Alexander’s fantastic F17 release poster design

More Stuff!

Here’s some more Fedora 17 release resources that may come in handy for you:

  • Fedora 17 Screenshots – these were created by Kévin Raymond and feature various desktops available in Fedora as well as the default GNOME 3 shell.
  • List of Fedora 17 release events – put together and maintained by the Fedora Ambassadors
  • Foldable/Origami Fedora 17 media printable sleeve – Zoltan has been working with a new and quite talented Fedora design team member, Kesigomu, on these sleeves you can print off on a color printer in a pinch (if pressed media shipments are delayed for an event.) For print-ready designs, I don’t know if this has been released yet officially so get in touch with Zoltan

From long sleeves to short sleeves

So, I’m cheating in this blog post. I took a screenshot of Alexander’s design before something pretty awesome happened. You’ll note the left (back) side of the media sleeve design is covered in what is basically a wall of 6 pt text. The Fedora legal team reviewed this text and determined that we could shorten and update it in the following ways:

  • The information about how to write in and obtain the source code for the release is no longer on the sleeve; instead it is in the following file on disk: /usr/share/doc/fedora-release-17/Fedora-Legal-README.txt
  • The ‘copyright Red Hat and others’ text now reads ‘copyright Fedora project contributors.’
  • The line about warranties is optional and can be cut, so we cut it.
  • The line “Not for sale / For promotional purposes only” should not be used on Fedora media. Ambassadors told us that they had added it to the disk because of some issues they were having getting media through customs. The text we’ve added with Fedora Legal’s advice to account for this is as follows: “The Fedora Project provides this software distribution free of charge.” Please use this text instead.

If you do have a need that the new text is not covering, please don’t modify the text on your own and send it to the printers. Instead, please contact Fedora Legal and let them know what issue you’re running into so they can draft some new text for us to use.
Anyway, the new text is placed on some updated copies of the sleeve artwork; I think you’ll agree it’s much cleaner and easier to read:
Updated Fedora 17 Sleeves (EMEA format)
I’m not a lawyer and legal discussions make me nervous, so if you have questions about the specifics of the text changes outlined above, please Fedora Legal; they can help you, I can’t. 🙂

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