A New Logo for Hyperkitty

hyperkitty logo
I was working on Fedora Hubs and I needed a nice icon for Hyperkitty for some feed widget mockups I was working on. I really love the updated Pagure logo Ryan Lerch made for pagure.io:
pagure logo
Pagure and Hyperkitty, you know, they are kind of cousins, so they should look like they are part of the same family, no? 🙂
So here’s what I came up with, what do you think?
hyperkitty logo update mockup
(SVG available here.)


  1. I much prefer your new proposed logo for Hyperkitty to the old one. The new one looks like a cross between a super-hero,
    a visiting alien from a planet of well-groomed wildcats and a genteel, efficient office cat-on-the-go. The old one, despite its useful
    mail-reference, always looks a bit disorganized to me.
    So I vote up the new design.

  2. It looks great, although I think it seems somewhat less hyper than the original.

  3. Paul Frields says:

    I also prefer the new one, but the new kitty seems pretty relaxed to me too. 🙂 But how could the kitty be more hyper? Jittery from coffee perhaps? Excited about mail? Not sure.

  4. It looks fantastic!

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