Fedora Board Meetings, 3 Sept 2010 & 8 Sept 2010

Oh goody gumdrops! You get two, two, two Fedora board meeting updates for the price of one today! Okay, there’s a lot to cover, so here we go…!

Fedora Board Meeting 3 September 2010

This board meeting was a phone meeting that took place last Friday at 2 PM, the usual Board meeting time.

Topics Covered

Here is an outline of the topics covered:

General Updates

  • Fedora 14
    • progressing towards beta
    • please help get the word out on systemd test day
    • Systemd go/no-go decision is up to FESCo.
    • Jared will be starting convos to examine our features process / with FESCo.
  • Meeting time
    • Set up a whenisgood.net to Board members. Seems that 2 pm on Mondays works well for all.
    • Transition plan: Final friday meeting will be Fri Sep 10, followed by a Monday Sep 13 meeting.
  • Is the Board working as it should?
    • email from Sankarshan
    • Board members should be having more discussions on the mailing list and using meeting times to make decisions
    • Board members should speak up on the list more often, a few do but could be more
    • Suggestion to make a blog for the board as an alternative communication medium to the advisory-board list
    • We have a lot of tickets to go through and we’re not doing so well on tickets (but only 12 outside of fedoracommunity.org domain requests)

Ticket Review: Outstanding community domain requests

  • Ticket 72: lu.fedoracommunity.org – Belgium & Luxemborg. Fine with it if lu.fc.org points to be.fc.org, as a forwarding address. mdomsch will clarify if that’s the intent with the requestors.
  • Ticket 73: arabic.fedoracommunity.org – this is a language request vs. geography but that’s okay. Still need to see sample content for what they are looking to post. Language sites okay if they aren’t confusing with namespace for country codes.
  • Ticket 74: dk for denmark? dk for language or country? – if it’s for a language should be full language name. If it’s for a country or region, it should be country code. Let’s standardize on that and deal with odd cases as we need to.
  • Ticket 75: China (zn, ch, tw) – cn is the country code, they should get that according to the standards. zn is not a country code (but we did grant an exception to the greece one as a bounce, Spot says this would be a similar exception – use it just as a redirect)

Meta meeting discussion

We have not a lot of time left and a ton more tickets. Let’s add an additional phone meeting next week on Wednesday to try to get through the backlog, before folks leave for Zurich. (Agreed by all).

Other Board Business

  • IRC Meetings – so far have been more like office hours. Let’s keep doing IRC office hours bi-weekly and do phone meetings weekly to get on top of things. Since this is a big time committment, maybe not every board member has to show up for every office hours?

Action Items

  • #action jsmith to update meeting times on wiki page (wiki/Board, wiki/Board – past meetings info box)
  • #action mizmo & jstanley to talk to mmcgrath about setting it up on the existing fedora blogs system blogs.fedoraproject.org
  • #action mdomsch to ask luxemborg peeps if they intend to put lu.fedoracommunity.org as a redirect to be.fedoracommunity.org – https://fedorahosted.org/board/ticket/72
  • #action Rex to start conversation on his concern with the updates vision to get to a point it can be thumbs’ed up or thumbs-ed down
  • #action Jared will be working with marketing team on start.fedoraproject.org, mentioned to Robyn but not whole team yet so will follow back up on

If any of the above topics pique your interest check out the full deal at the full meeting minutes.

Fedora Board Meeting 8 September 2010

This board meeting was a phone meeting that took place today at 4 pm – an extra meeting the Board schedule to take care of the super-long backlog. The meeting ended up lasting almost 1.5 hours.

Topics Covered

Open Tickets

  • Trademark Licensees – Do we have a list of trademark licenses we’ve given out to check in on? We have fedoracommunity.org and https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Trademark_licensees
  • Ticket 77: Israeli domain request – We made it easier to use fedoracommunity.org, but we aren’t prohibiting the use of other TLDs. +1 to granting a trademark license for use in their domain name, fedora.org.il. – approved
  • Ticket 78: Vision statement
    • we had a lot of discussion on this but didn’t get very fair (IMHO)
    • Our deadline for a vision is Sept. 27.
    • The thread on the advisory-board-list didn’t go so very far either so it was suggested we do an open IRC meeting in #fedora-advisory-board on irc.freenode.net.
    • More details on that IRC meeting here – please fill out the time chart and come if you can and are interested.
    • We also decided to come up with 5-6 mini-goals as a group. Each board member is to come up with two (mini-goals are actionable goals to get closer to vision, example one is, focus on floss webapps for next 2-3 releases) by Monday 13 Sep.
  • Ticket 79: Anthropology Report
    • Report seems to indicate we need a formal mentoring program
    • A lot of positiveness / positive energy in the report, is there a way we can make the findings more public?
    • mizmo to post whiteboard photos from report review session w lmacken (post to advisory-board list and trac ticket)
  • Ticket 81: start.fedoraproject.org – jsmith went to the marketing meeting; they decided to discuss on the marketing list so jsmith will kick off that discussion.
  • Ticket 82: Charter for Community Working Group – Rex was unable to attend this meeting; he’ll update us on this next meeting.
  • Ticket 83: Revisit Updates Vision – There was a lot of discussion here, both about some of the contraints/hardships particular folks against the policy face, plus negative affects on users when applications vs. the base platform are frozen from version updates. Towards the latter point both kopers and a backports repo were discussed as potential solutions. The Board decided to not change the language of the updates vision for now, and agreed that FESCo should be notified that they do have the power to grant exceptions to the policy, although they should write up some criteria for granting and rejecting exception requests as well as not change the updates vision mission statement.
  • Ticket 84: Annual User Survey – It was suggested we look at how OpenSuSE does their annual user survey. It was noted such studies are generally quite expensive (10’s of k’s at least.) We’ll need to define a scope, target, and goal for the research.

Upcoming Fedora Board Meeting Schedule

Since the Board meeting time is shifting a bit, here’s the schedule of Fedora Board meetings for the immediate future:

  • Friday, September 10th: Public IRC meeting in #fedora-board-meeting
  • Monday, September 13: Phone meeting
  • Monday, September 20: Public IRC meeting in #fedora-board-meeting
  • Monday, September 27 Phone meeting

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