Rough mountpoint mapping & cool x220 setup

Some scribbles from a discussion in #anaconda with dlehman where we pondered over the overall flow / navigation of the advanced partitioning screen mockups in Fedora’s installer after showing them to Spot and lmacken and uncovering some issues. Will this go anywhere? No idea. We’re working it.

What might be more interesting to you at this point is how it was drawn. I have a Lenovo x220 tablet in the ultrabase 3 docking station there with an external Dell monitor, keyboard, and mouse hooked up. I spun the tablet screen into full-on tablet mode while it was in the dock. Then I used the following magical incantations to adjust the screen and tablet rotation (otherwise I’d be scribblin’ on the tablet upside-down):

xsetwacom set "Wacom ISDv4 E6 Pen stylus" MapToOutput LVDS1
xsetwacom set "Wacom ISDv4 E6 Finger touch" MapToOutput LVDS1
xsetwacom set "Wacom ISDv4 E6 Pen eraser" MapToOutput LVDS1

The above maps the Wacom tablet to the laptop screen, so the tablet doesn’t try to span both the external monitor AND the tablet screen.

xrandr --output LVDS1 --rotate inverted

The command above spin the screen 180 degrees so it’s facing the right way.

xsetwacom set "Wacom ISDv4 E6 Pen stylus" Rotate half
xsetwacom set "Wacom ISDv4 E6 Finger touch" Rotate half
xsetwacom set "Wacom ISDv4 E6 Pen eraser" Rotate half

The commands above spin the Wacom’s orientation 180 degrees as well to match the screen. (Although it is quite trippy to sketch on it if you skip this step.)
The stuff in the “” in the xsetwacom command may be different for your hardware. Run xrandr to figure out the proper name and the proper device id as well. It could be LVDS1 or it could be something else.


  1. I think installer needs a button in corner of first screen. Clicking this button would rotate screen 90° each time.

  2. Hi there Mairin, interesting setup indeed! I’ve the non-tablet version of the X220 (the one with the otherwise better screen 😉 ) – have you found a way to make the Microphone Mute button work under Linux yet? It’s a shame, it would really come in handy sometimes…

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