More source (specifically patch) view in Fedora Packages

So I posted some quick & dirty mockups of a patch view web interface for Fedora packages, and you gave me some great ideas, and here are most of them integrated into the mockups.

Full screen, Sources > Patches tab in a package profile

Here you can see one of the three patches that apply to this package expanded into view. Some changes to this screen:

  • There is now a ‘show summary of patch changes’ link that will provide diffstat information for all patches against the upstream tarball.
  • There’s now a ‘show changelog’ link that will drop down the changelog entries relevant to the selected patch.

Collapsed / default patch view

Before you click on a patch to view it, the list of patches looks like this.

Release selection dropdown

You can view the patch history for the package across active releases or just for a specific release.

Raw patch link

Click to get a clean link to the full raw patch.

Changelog view

Click on the “show changelog” link at the top of an open patch and you’ll get this display, hopefully with clickable links to bug references (seems we have a little inconsistency though; I noted the formats of bug refs that I saw and that helpful #fedora-devel folks mentioned)

Summary of changes across patches

Want to see how much the complete patch set influences the upstream code? Click on ‘view summary of patch changes’ and you’ll get a (hopefully nicely-formatted, what do you think) diffstat view of the normal code and the code with patches applied.
The highlighted line there I put in with the idea the line would appear on hover to make it easier to read across the row of interest without the loudness of checkbook-style alternating row shading.


Your comments on my first draft mockups of this were amazingly helpful and I hope you see your suggestions mocked up in a useful way here (especially Worms, he had the awesome diffstat view idea and some others.) Also #fedora-devel was really, really helpful yesterday in helping me figure out how to actually use diffstat and understand some of the requests I’d gotten for this UI.
Keep the feedback coming please 🙂


  1. Jasper St. Pierre says:

    Other thing: can I request a visual diff view?
    Throwing the raw example patch from;a=blob_plain;f=nautilus-2.91.8-selinux.patch;hb=HEAD into LodgeIt, here’s what comes out:
    Quite nice.

  2. Sorry for repeating this again, but I really think that hooks to fedpkg commands would be awesome.
    If I’m able to browse the spec file, edit it inline, fedpkg commit, push, build (link to koji), and update (link to bodhi), then I would no longer need to vi to update packages! 🙂

    1. mairin says:

      Hi Nushio, right now we’re building a read-only interface but I’m hoping we can add features like this at some point.

      1. No rush, I just wanted the idea out there 🙂

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