fedoracommunity.org website design progressing

So a while back I talked a bit about the fedoracommunity.org website project that the Fedora Websites team has been working on, including the vision behind it and the work that had been done on it up to that point.
We received some really great feedback from you on this project, including a really nice suggestion from Felix Kaechele to organize the areas of the world according to Fedora ambassador regions rather than continent groupings. This actually provided a bonus – you’ll see the design has been slightly changed so there is now an area above the individual country/region site listings to provide information & links on ambassador region-wide resources, something that wouldn’t have made as much logical sense outside of the scheme Felix suggested.

Some other feedback we’ve gotten thus far was Remy Decausemaker and Tommy He’s suggestion to make the map highlight to the region currently-being viewed and perhaps serve as rollover navigation. If you are a javascript pro and want to try your hand at this, please let me know and I’d be happy to get you started (otherwise I’ll put this awesome idea on the backburner while I devote a lot more time to the www.fedoraproject.org redesign project. If I have time I will try to figure it out since it seems like it would be a fun project!)
Anyway, based on your feedback we’ve made some changes to the design, and I put together Sijis’ template design with the HTML content I generated for each region so we now have a set of static HTML/CSS mockups:

Let me know what you think of our progress so far, and please do let me know if we are missing any regional sites or if there are any typos/mistakes in these pages. You can drop your feedback off in the comments section on this blog, or hop on the thread on Fedora’s websites list.


  1. For the javascript rollover navigation map, was this the kind of thing you meant? http://img.obfuscatepenguin.net/fedora/community/

      That is exactly what I meant. You rock, Marc!

      1. I think it might be possible to reduce the filesizes too by duplicating the empty map underneath, making the original transparent (it has to stay on top for mouseovers to work properly), and using absolute positioning to place smaller images of just the highlights in the middle of that sandwich. They could be faded in and out then as well if needed. Haven't tried it though yet—a task for the morning.

      2. http://img.obfuscatepenguin.net/fedora/community/
        By cropping the highlights, 62KB can be saved from a single page load. The full-sized highlights can then be used to replace the blank world map to indicate the currently selected region, which works even without javascript.

      3. http://img.obfuscatepenguin.net/fedora/community/
        A more subtle hint of the current location when hovering over other regions.

    2. Nailed the concept. Great Job.

  2. Hi Máirín!
    Please correct a typo, it's in Fedora LATAM site: "Aregntina" by "Argentina" hehe 🙂
    Your designs are always fantastics! Congrats!

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