Fedora Board Meeting, 6 Aug 2010

The Fedora Board didn’t meet this week nor the last due to various travel and other events going on. So this was the first Board meeting in a couple of weeks. This week’s meeting was a private phone-based meeting, and it ran a little over an hour. Paul Frields was the meeting secretary and took the notes, which he published to the Fedora wiki. So check them out there, and if you have any questions or feedback on them, there’s a thread on advisory-board list you can respond to. Topics Covered Here is an outline of the topics covered: MeeGo Spin status Upcoming FUDcons – Zurich and Tempe Deadline for dealing with open Board tickets fedoracommunity.org domains – how are they going & shall we approve the open requests Community Working Group idea from Rex start.fedoraproject.org Vision for Fedora More detailed notes on each topic are available in the full minutes. Resources Meeting minutes Meeting thread