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  1. s/hackfest/macfest/

    1. Um, okay? The majority of the macs there were running Linux distros of assorted flavors….

    2. sulfide says:

      def macfest, but i guess you've gotta envy something nice to pretend like you can design when you just copy it.

      1. What bug crawled up your behind? WTF? Why do you bother?

        1. Way too much spare time :-).
          You guys are doing great, I'd be worried if trolls weren't popping because of your posts. In this case trolling is an indication of positive progress.

      2. What the heck?
        * Ubuntu and other Linux distros runs great on Mac hardware, yes.
        * Do you design in some kind of vacuum yourself?
        * I use 3 different OS:es every day to create cross-platform free software, am I a bad person?

      3. Actually, oddly enough, even the Windows gamers I know tend to prefer Mac hardware. It's better hardware, Bootcamp makes installing a clean Windows 7 easy and painless, and the resulting WIn7 install is a hell of a lot cleaner and less bloated than the heavily modified copies Dell or Acer or whoever installs with their PC laptops.
        So, if your choice is (a) a crappy laptop with Windows or (b) a non-crappy laptop with OS X, then it's not at all silly to just go with b if you've got the cash.

    3. Those with Macs were running Linux on them… and they were definitely not in the majority. (It's just a coincidence that these pictures blogged here feature _some_ Apple _hardware_. Look closer, and you'll see some non-Apple laptops in these photos too.)
      For the record, Máirín, Jakub, and I were all using ThinkPad tablets, and I know others were using ThinkPads, HP laptops, netbooks, and other assorted hardware too.

  2. something is very wrong here!
    how could this have been on the 23, when nautilus has the tabs on the bottom for so many weeks now??

  3. About [1], maybe you can explain what part of the code is messy, why it increases mistakes (and what mistakes?), and what you mean by "files vanish". If you found a bug, you should file a report, instead of destructive "WE ALL HATE IT" (capitals are yours) ranting, obviously without actually having used the option for more than 2 minutes.
    I already commented on the "why" and "what pane do actions apply to" in my comment to the other post.

    1. Why are you taking so much offense?
      Are people not allowed to talk about anything without filing a bug?
      I am seriously reconsidering bothering to document the event at this point. I'm just getting attacked. I'm about ready to give up. It's a lot of work, and the thanks I get is crappy comments like this.

      1. "Are people not allowed to talk about anything without filing a bug?"
        Sure they are! However, if you are experiencing data loss bugs, I urge you to report them, preferably before a stable release is made.
        "I am seriously reconsidering bothering to document the event at this point. I’m just getting attacked."
        Sorry, re-read the board text on your picture, and re-consider who is attacking whom. I actually find my comment quite constructive. What's wrong with 'please report data-loss bugs, and please communicate your concerns to the authors of the code more explicitely than "it sucks"'?
        "and the thanks I get is crappy comments like this."
        Crappy comments like this? I don't know what to say.

        1. Sorry i don't see any please in your initial comment
          Also note I am extremely frustrated about negative comments across a spectrum. Yours is much closer to the reasonable end of the spectrum than many of the other comments I am dealing with and I apologize for taking it out on you

        2. Also a comment on your code is not a personal attack. sorry

          1. HugeHedon says:

            Hmm, gotta defend hb a bit.. Seeing a white board like that [1] about code you’ve worked on and contributed can’t be so easy. I’d say it’s possible/easy to find more constructive ways to express opinions. Everybody is “in the room” nowadays. And hey, “a comment on your s/code/blog/ is not a personal attack”.. 😉
            Anyway, keep up the good work! Cheers
            – Random internet person

          2. I never said comments on my blogs were personal attacks (although the mac comments I think were personal – I've never owned a mac and I found it offensive)

        3. gnocci says:

          Uh, i see it in a "cons" column, first.
          Second, when a user sais "my file vanished" doesn't mean data loss most of the time. Like for example unadvertently dragging it into some folder while trying to double click.
          I mean , it's pretty obvious.

          1. "I mean , it’s pretty obvious."
            It may be obvious to you, but it's not obvious to me. Note that my first post was about getting more elaboration about the part of the board that I did not understand.
            About this particular case: If it's just about unadvertently dragging stuff around, why is it filed under "split view"? What's that got to do with it? Especially in the light that "WM snapping" was suggested as a better replacement — what would window snapping do better for unadvertently dragging? Or having two windows side-by-side (or even overlapping) in general?
            Leave alone that snapping is not an adequate replacement in the first place, as I explained in [1].

          2. gnocci says:

            I repeat, it's pretty obvious. In a UI discussion, when someone writes down: "Increases mistakes, files vanish!" you don't think "data loss bug!". And again, it's a "cons" column. You can't reconstruct a discussion from that. I know i can't.
            And i dont' know anything about split panes, WM snapping or anything. Perhaps they're right, perhaps not. No, wait, split panes is what Norton Commander had? I liked that, more than XTree. But i everyday see people who select a file, the "copy" (from the menu!), then browses to the target, and then "paste", using the same browser window.

          3. "I repeat, it’s pretty obvious. In a UI discussion, when someone writes down: “Increases mistakes, files vanish!” you don’t think “data loss bug!”."
            Ah, it's the "UI discussion" context that makes it so very obvious. That's why it's the point right below "messy code – extra pain". Now I get it. I wonder why I've thought it could be something beyond pure UI.
            Sorry, but that's it for me – this discussion is not constructive and leads absolutely nowhere.

          4. gnocci says:

            This is not a discussion, this is internet! 🙂
            No, really, the “code item” is the outlier here. And i stand that the context for files vanishing is clear: mistakes. AND i like split windows. I actually think there are less chances for mistakes in a split window that with two windows. But it is more clutter (a lot of it) when you are doing anything but copying.

      2. "I am seriously reconsidering bothering to document the event at this point."
        No! Please keep up what you're doing! Your posts are some of the best at Planet Gnome 🙂

  4. mairin: the internet is always angry and everybody has an opinion about design. ignore

  5. Jonathan Lozinski says:

    Wow. It's really sad to see all of this attack for what people have chosen to buy. When did software freedom become about attacking people's choices?
    People like to buy macs because they (presumably) like the design of the hardware. Some of them like to install a different OS because they can, and maybe for a little more freedom in what they do with that software. But that purchase is their freedom, and how they use that is their freedom.
    Free software is about people having the ability to use what they want how they want. So a proprietary OS/application or whatever is their choice to run, even if that app/OS might limit some software freedoms, it's still their choice, and *no-one* get's to attack them for that choice.
    Freedom by bashing what other people do isn't freedom, it's oppression.
    Finally, attacking the poster of the photos (who didn't have any part in the decision of those pictured to buy any of the hardware) for this is just plain bizarre.

  6. […] me feel really unhappy and constantly attacked. I do not understand what outcome people who post comments like this […]

  7. I know it's a kind of censorship, but I just wouldn't bother approving or replying to obviously trolling posts… Don't feed the trolls 🙂

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