5 Fun things in Fedora 12 (Video)

I recently got a Kodak zi8 video recorder. It works great in Fedora 12 so I was inspired to create a 15-minute video highlighting five fun things in Fedora 12.

Here’s what those things are – but be sure to watch the video for more information 🙂 :

#1 Cheese

#2 Mana World

#3 Miro

#4 Tablet Support

#5 Agave

These aren’t necessarily the best or top or even most fun five things in Fedora, just five things I thought were fun and would like to demonstrate. So watch the video (A transcript is available as well) and enjoy. 🙂

Part 1:

Direct YouTube Link

Part 2:

Direct YouTube Link
You can try out all the things I demonstrated in Fedora 12 yourself. Download Fedora 12 today – get.fedoraproject.org.
(P.S. This video was edited in Fedora 12 using PiTiVi 🙂 )


  1. I just picked up a Zi8 last week to replace my Flip camera. It's a nice little unit. 🙂

    1. Isn't it? I love how it has an external mic input. I wish it had a line out too, but if I could only have one I prefer the external mic input. 🙂

  2. NO FAIR! XD ubuntu needs to get that cool. I'm not switching but! THAT IS AWESOME! LINUX FTW!
    now… please stop making me laugh when I read your blog 🙂 on planet GNOME. I've got chronic comedy and the doctor said I need to stop laughing so much before I hurt myself 🙂

    1. Hi I don't get it. Why do I make you laugh?

      1. it's all about writing style 🙂

        1. btw should metion I was partly laughing at my own comment, and… a previous post that I forgot the title of. this one made me remember it.

        2. What do you mean? I first interpreted your comment as a dig on my posting about Fedora, but enough people post about Ubuntu exclusively on Planet GNOME and many other open source and Linux forums that I decided that couldn't possibly be what you were trying to say.

          1. lol all lost in translation ignore this one 😉

          2. Okie doke! *salutes*

  3. question… my laptop holds two drives. I plan to get a 500 for karmic (already have karmic, but it's been upgraded twice already… so too much cruft.
    if I get a second drive, can fedora coexist without eating the swap partition on my ubuntu drive? (I tried SUSE in dual boot before.. and it wanted to eat ubuntu, so I didn't go any further 🙁 )…

    1. Hi Roland, I'm not aware of any issues with Fedora and Ubuntu residing on the same drive or on the same computer on separate drives. I don't know that swap space is going to be an issue as much as making sure both have entries in your bootloader (probably GRUB).
      There is some documentation available on creating Fedora / Ubuntu dual boot systems that you might find helpful, if a little outdated: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/build-an
      I have also heard of people doing it successfully. I will be frank though and tell you I have no experience myself – I've never run Ubuntu before.

      1. thanks. I'll check it out. A friend of mine once preached to me about getting fedora over ubuntu since I'm a more advanced user etc… but I'm lazy so switching in full == work == nuh uh.

        1. Cool let me know if you need any help.

          1. coo 🙂 I can't wait to get that new drive 🙂 FEDORA LOOKS AWESOME111111111111!

  4. Nice work! I didn't know about a few of those. Now I want a tablet..

  5. Which software have you used for video editing?

    1. I used PiTiVi in Fedora 12 – there's a link at the end of the blog post. 🙂

      1. Great video.
        What codec did you use to render the output from pitivi so that it works on youtube? I've tried all sorts of things and haven't yet found a good trade-off between quality vs file size.

        1. I used (warning, these are naughty 🙂 ) avimux, mpeg2enc, and lamemp3enc.

  6. Ur an osome human being:____)

  7. jef spaleta says:

    Now that I have a new tv and can hook up the svideo output from my Fedora laptop to the video in on the tv…I'm really looking forward to playing with Miro.

  8. Stéphane says:

    Thanks to you I've discovered a new app (Agave) which seems to be both fun and useful.
    Although I've already installed Fedora 12 on my laptop, watching your video now makes me want to buy a tablet PC… (u_u)
    Anyway, those videos are a really cool idea. It would be great to present some apps like that, (each month, a new video : "The free app of the month, on Fedora…".
    No doubt it would be a very smart promotional tool 😉

  9. Kris Thomsen says:

    Hi Fellow Art Panda, Mo!
    I really enjoyed your little video – and I enjoy Fedora 12 😀 It's totally awesome.
    Hmm… Now I really have to get a tablet…
    // Kristho

  10. […] 5 Fun things in Fedora 12 (Video) I recently got a Kodak zi8 video recorder. It works great in Fedora 12 so I was inspired to create a 15-minute video highlighting five fun things in Fedora 12. […]

  11. Khudsa says:

    Great video! Some interesinting pieces of software that I didn't know like xournal or mypaint. Seeing this video I would like to have a tabletpc or better, a moultitouch one!

  12. Awesome Mo! This video is a great alternative for those who want to know some features of Fedora.

  13. I don't know much about editing videos in Linux. How is gtk-recordmydesktop? It creates screencasts in ogg theora. I'm curious, does that create some complications with non-free codecs?

    1. Aside being buggy in F12, RecordMyDesktop is fine, is my tool of choice for recording screencasts. It does not create any complication with other codecs, you just transcode to one format to another – but ideally keep the transcoding to a minimum, since converting from a lossy format to other lossy one will bee… lossy :p

  14. The video is cool and the image quality surprisingly good for a pocket recorder, still I find the camera shaking to be tiresome, maybe next time get some other person to record the video while you are performing (I would have suggested a tripod, but you need to zoom and focus).
    If you had to split the video, if would be better to cut at the end of a "chapter", say just before about the part about GIMP.
    One side note: I discovered a fun way to use Xournal – you can also add notes to screenshots (it can also capture the screenshots). And I am playing myself with shape recognition 😀

  15. I am happy to see what opensource software right now.
    That was a great Show Thanks =)

  16. i think you guys are the best:)

  17. it is the most stable linux system, and you can play with it and customize it to any taste

  18. sweet video, thanks alot. i love linux.

  19. […] the Kodak zi8 which can be had refurbished for about $150 USD and has gotten a big thumbs-up from Mo Duffy. Seriously, I borrowed it at the office two months after she got it and she was still raving about […]

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