photo of Thomas Cameron's new Fedora tattoo
Here is real dedication, from my co-worker Thomas Cameron! Do you know anyone with a Fedora tattoo?
(Hopefully not the first tattoo created in Inkscape. 🙂 If you are interested in an SVG of the tribal marks let me know.)


  1. I had a (henna) Fedora tattoo on me a while back.
    Some pics here:
    And here
    Not as cool as real ink though.

  2. A couple of months ago I was wearing a Fedora removable tattoo at a local event and and a SUSE guy took it for real and was amazed by my dedication. I calmed him down: no, I am not *that* dedicated 😀

  3. LOL wow, what a…wow. fedora. FEDORAAAAAAAAA TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL lol

  4. I hope you realise that this means no more branding changes for Fedora. 🙂

  5. He's going to feel pretty dumb in 3-5 years when the Fedora logo is inevitably redesigned to fit in with then-modern design trends.
    Regular tattoos are bad enough. Tattoos based on guaranteed-not-going-to-last-your-entire-freakin-life logos are pure dumb.

    1. Would the Fedora logo be redesigned in 3-5 years? Really?
      *nods to IBM*

      1. More likely than not.

      2. @Jonas wow, what would make you think that?

    2. I came to work at Red Hat because of my strong belief in Open Source. I support and promote Fedora because of that same belief.
      My tattoo is about much more than the distribution, it is about the ethos behind it. So even if Fedora changes, even if I change, the tattoo is a meaningful reminder of a very important chapter of my life. I love it, it means a lot to me, and it always will.

      1. Of course we were just teasing you with (bad and predicable) jokes about the logo change… this won't happen in the foreseeable future.

  6. spongee says:

    I work at Wall Mart and I have a Wall Mart tattoo. But unfortunately the best place on my body was already occupied by a Burger King tattoo, where I worked before.

    1. Classy, my friend. Classy.
      Good thing for Thomas that Wal-mart and Burger King are in a completely separate league from Fedora.

      1. spongee says:

        Don't you have a sense of irony?
        That one I have tatooed on my forehead 😉

      2. Don't you have something better to do?

  7. -Stéph- says:

    Nice 🙂
    Is there an easy way to convert a SVG artwork into a tatoo ?
    I mean, can we find a specific paper to print it ourself ?

    1. I don't think is anything specific to SVG, you print the SVG just like any other type of file. But if you want to be really sure, export as PDF from Inkscape and have that PDF printed.

  8. Crazy stuff. Though that is dedication.

  9. -Stéph- says:

    My question was more about the paper to use in order to make a tatoo, not really about the input file format.
    Have you contacted a professional printer, or printed the tatoo yourself (and if so, how) ?

    1. I have no idea what Thomas dis particularly, but see: – normal paper, carbon paper, onion skin paper and more other options

    2. I will ask Thomas. I think he might have actually given the tattoo artist an exported PNG version of the file. But I'll check for you.

    3. Hi Stéph, I asked Thomas and he said he just brought the PNG file on a USB stick to the shop, and they have a special printer that prints it out on transparent paper that they use to make a stencil. He said most good shops can do this, so if you're looking to do your own, all you'll need is a high-res bitmap.

      1. Stéphane says:

        Ok Thanks.
        I'll check out, if my local printshop can do that.

  10. No Fedora tattoo, but I do have one of Tux: . At some point I plan to get Shadowman done on the other leg though. =)

    1. Wow! That Tux came out great! The details with the reflections and shading are very, very nice.

  11. Maybe I should have told Tom about our impending logo change to the panda. JUST KIDDING!

    1. Do not joke with those things, we may see Mo one day with a panda tattooed…

  12. That's awesome! Although, I know of a guy who has a Chevy logo tattooed on his arm and we won't stop making fun of that guy. Just sayin'. 😉
    And speaking of tattoos and Inkscape, my wife is off to get her final tattoo today of an Alice in Wonderland thingy that she made in Inkscape. Her last two tattoos were made in Inkscape as well. Perhaps Inkscape should be re-branded as a tattoo artist's application of choice…before the Gimp crowd claims it. Hurry! We could even run the TV commercials during episodes of LA Ink. 🙂

    1. Ha, that is sweet! Do you have any pics of your wife's Alice in Wonderland tattoos? They sound cool 🙂

      1. Sure. I did a rough clip around her arm. It's not finished yet as they can only do a little at a time. She'll have to go back in a few weeks to finish the outlining and then again to add all of the colors. It's a work in progress. 😉
        Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

      2. @heathenx wow that looks beautiful!

  13. Did he sign all the agreements to use the trademark, clear it though Legal and all that? I see that it does not meet the Logo usage guidelines in respect to the required spacing on each side.

    1. Yep, he is fine!

  14. […] Visto en | Mairin […]

  15. Máirín did an absolutely phenomenal job with this design! I can't say enough how happy I am knowing that this design was created using Free software and it looks so darned good! Thank you!

  16. Okay, now, quick. Change the logo!

    1. can i make it a mouthless kitty?

  17. Stéphane says:

    .-._ _…/ `, _.-.
    | `'-' _'` |
    '.__,/ `_.–,
    / '._/ |
    / '. /
    ; _ _'–;
    '–|- (_) __ (_) -|–'
    .–|- (__) -|–.
    .– -/-.
    ' '. .' `
    '-._ _.-'

    1. Stéphane says:

      This forum has totally broken the Kitty Ascii art… ^^

  18. Lab Rat says:

    Full points for dedication, yes. Just a shame all tattoos are fugly.

  19. I think it looks pretty cool.

  20. Wow ..that's a very nice tattoo and I appreciate it anytime someone has a tattoo with a deaper meaning and not just for the style…respect and kisses

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