Third Fedora Design Bounty Ninja identified!

The Fedora Design Team Bi-weekly Bounty is a bi-weekly (well, at least monthly! 😉 ) blog post where we’ll outline a quick-and-easy design project that needs doing for the Fedora Community, outlining all the tools, files, and other resources you’ll need to complete the project. If you’re a designer and are interested in getting involved in the free and open source community, this is a good opportunity to get your feet wet!

I am quite happy to report that we have identified our third Fedora Design Bounty Ninja: Christian Brassat!! Christian responded to our third Fedora Design Bi-Weekly Bounty – a t-shirt design for the Fedora Students Contributing program. Christian put together a most excellent T-shirt design for the program, using Inkscape and Nicu’s Open Clip Art T-shirt template, collaborating with the Fedora Design Team throughout the process, then prepping the final design for print using Scribus. He came up with a very nice concept for the T-shirt – it’s summery and fun with its tropical flowers, and relates to free software and mentorship with its sprouting-seed design – and carefully adhered to all of the Fedora branding guidelines. He also provided all of his source work!
The original design team ticket has been closed and we’re looking forward to seeing the final design printed out on a T-shirt soon. 🙂

Congratulations, Christian, on a job well-done!

Are you ready for your chance to become an open source design ninja too? Keep an eye out for the next Fedora Design Bounty!

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  1. hector gomez says:

    cool, you are using my ninja!!!, wow,
    if you need another ninja, tell me, 😀

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