ZOMG Stickers!!!!11

I received a nice delivery today. Fedora stickers!!!
They are conveniently-sized for branding your Fedora laptop!

Check them out close up: each sheet features the new Fedora Four F’s, and also has four blank bubbles you can use to write whatever messages you’d like:

And we have a lot of them.

Look for them to debut at FUDcon Boston next month. We have plenty though (5,000) and will hopefully be distributing them to Fedora ambassadors for handing out at events. These die-cut, Pantone-color stickers were produced using Inkscape and Scribus in Fedora 9.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice Glasses!
    Your glasses like very nice 🙂
    And you look beautiful too 😉
    Arafat! (once gnome Arabic translation coordinator)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can I have some? I don't think I can put 'em on my laptop (have to look "professional" when I look for a faculty position) but I can think of other places for 'em!

    1. Re: Stickers!
      You know, Mo provided also the sources so you can print yourself cheaply at the nearest printing shop. That is the best option for me, since shipping from US to where I live (Eastern Europe) is not viable.

    2. Re: Stickers!
      Well… let's talk over email. Can you drop me a mail at duffy@redhat.com?

  3. You rock and I find very hard to select which one of those photos are my favourite. But in the end I'll go with the annotated one.

    1. 🙂 my cube is a bit of a warzone 🙂 the picture doesn't show off the pink hello kitty keyboard, pink hello kitty rug, and all the other fun hello kitty accessories.

      1. The other day after work I went to do some groceries and passed to the toys aisle, maybe this time will find the right Schleich knight figure (no luck) but say a couple of Hello Kitty sets and thought: "oh, those would be perfect for Mo!", I think one was the Hello Kitty family and the other Hello Kitty and friends or something like that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can I…
    …has some?

    1. Re: Can I…
      Do you know if anyone from the Toronto office is coming to FUDcon in January? I can send some sheets along that way, or if you don't think that'll happen I can drop some in the mail?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fedora Sticker for Laptop
    I would really like to get a Fedora Sticker for my laptop.
    Willing to pay for shipping.
    Please contact me at jambre007@yahoo.com

  6. Anonymous says:

    zomg zomg
    where can I buy some?

  7. […] could have used more Fedora stickers at eLiberatica and as Mo’s design is not as easy for a “make yourself” scenario, I took my old design and made a few […]

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