Christmastime Recycling for Nerds

I made some Christmas cards this year out of found/recycled materials (as much as I could, I ended up having to buy large envelopes to fit them in since they turned out quite large.)
I ended up using some old red tech conference badge lanyards as a snowman’s scarf and for some lining ribbon on a couple of my cards. In fact I think one of the ones I used was from the last Red Hat Summit.
What do you do with your old conference badges and lanyards?
(p.s. here’s one of the cards I made)


  1. i can has photos?

    1. Well, my memory card reader broke 🙁 so I have to find the original cable to grab the photos off the camera, hopefully I'll be able to upload them tonight.

      1. I saw your post on about that, but it was late for a "wise" reply (something along the lines of seeing the bight side of you not getting hurt this time).
        I use a cheap external 6in1 reader I carry with me all the time.

        1. i have a pcmcia one, and it worked pretty well in fc6, but since then it just kind of crashes when i plug it in. 🙁

        2. okay i just posted a photo! I'll have another hopefully soon of the other card

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